The Body Shop All-in-one Make Up line IN DEPTH review and Swatches

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The "All-In-One" series that Body Shop has recently been adding more items to, talks about promoting products that serves many uses. 
It aims to bring convenience and allow users to get the most out of one product.

Although these items are sponsored, please be rest assured that I am going to be very true with my reviews because I believe that only the most honest reviews will be beneficial to anyone reading this.
I personally depend a ton on online reviews and it's a step I definitely will take before making the decision to buy anything.

Haha so let's begin!

I wore these products all together in a day to create a simple look for work.
Starting from the sequence I applied them onto my skin:

All-in-one The Body Shop Instablur Primer ($32.90 Coming soon)
This is the newest addition to the All-In-one make up line and it claims to be able to achieve these 5 benefits: 
- Reduce appearance of pores
- enhances Make Up longevity 
- Unifies Complexion
- Reduces shine
- Hide Blemishes 

After wearing it for over 15 hours (yes, I usually am out for that long hence it puts ANY products to the extreme test haha) , I noticed that it did help with the shine a little. 
Especially in the first few hours. 
Like all make up bases and primers, the Instablur also does reduce the appearance of pores. 
I did not see anything spectacular about helping my make up last longer because i did apply the All-In-One BB cream over and it was OILY AS HELL and was sliding all over.
 I wouldn't blame the Instablur for not seeing any results with my make up longevity, simply because the BB cream made me so oily I think I could fry an egg on my face >< 

Overall, I would rate this as a product that is "not bad" as it clearly did show some difference with my application of my make up in terms of shine control, appearance of pore reduced, and a smoother surface and skin tone. 
However with the price of $32.90 , I thought it was a little pricey (for me at least) because I am an avid user of Make Up primers and I have used many others like the Loreal Manifique that performs just as well, for much cheaper ($18.90).

All-in-one BB cream ($32.90)

Next, we have the All-in-one BB cream that comes out white from the tube, but immediately absorbs into your skin and turns into your natural skin color upon application.
Although this is a really cool product and I was honestly the most excited to try this out, I was left utterly disappointed.

Firstly, It was WAY TOO OILY For my combination skin! As you can tell from the shine as seen on my hands just with a tiny drop of it.

The coverage of this BB cream was really really light
Like I couldn't see any difference on my skin at all except for the shine, I guess.
It's gives a really natural look by evening out your skin tone by just a teeny bit, but the dewy-ness of it just made me cringe because it looked way too too shiny for anyone who were to go for a natural look.

Overall, this is a product that I do not like. 
Simply because it doesn't work on my skin at all and it causes my make up to slide around, reducing the longevity of the rest. 
Although I set this with powder after application, I got oily again in less than an hour! 
In total I had to blot my face about 3 times throughout the day (note I did not reapply) . 
I would recommend this product to someone who has dry skin , and maybe someone with normal skin. But you most probably will have to set it with a powder because even if you wanted to go for a natural dewy look, you won't want to look too dewy to the point it looks oily! 

I would suggest all people who are looking for something for more coverage to give this a miss because it does not have much color to it.

Other BB creams that I prefer are the Etude House Cushion BB Cream and The Body Shop SHISO whitening BB Cream. The SHISO BB cream also by Body Shop is in fact my fav BB cream of all time! 

Over it I wore the All-In-One face base ($36.90)
This is a "face base" because it is meant for people that wants to achieve the "no make up" - a very natural look.
Users can use this on clean face, just as a single product to even out your skin, or over make up as a "setting powder" 

Pro: I loveee LOVE the packaging of this. It's so shiny and it feels so sturdy and "atas" 
I think the casing of this powder is so reflective that you can double it up as a mirror ><
It's design is also a plus for me, as the sponge and powder are separated by a detachable mirror (as shown below). This keeps your make up sponge free from products when you're not using it, and hence prevents less contamination and is more hygienic that way! 

Using it over the BB Cream, I saw that it toned down the shine on my face a little. But almost all face powders can do the same thing, right? 
What sets the good and the bad apart will be the lasting power, build-ability, coverage and finish. (To me at least) 

So a good powder will be able to be fine enough put on my face, will not leave an overly matte and cakey finish even after touch ups, and more importantly, will be able to set my make up well and help it to last all day.

The All-In-One Face base unfortunately, paled in comparison in to many of my favorite powders in many aspects. 

Firstly, my face started to get shiny after slightly over an hour and I needed to touch it up again. 
This is just way too short for shine control because I definitely wouldn't want to be piling up the powder on my face the whole day.
Secondly, it did start to get a little cakey after BUT I would say this facial powder is very suitable for someone who is always on the go, that needs to touch up their make up anytime, anywhere. Gotta owe it to their packaging! 

I'd recommend it to make up beginners looking for an easy way to even out their skin tone, ppl looking towards achieving a "no make up" look

Next, All-In-One concealer stick ($22.90).
 It is enriched with baobab oil, and is said to be very nourishing for skin under the eyes. It to dries to a cream-to-powder finish. And claims to be medium to full coverage.
I was initially super excited about this product because I thought it resembled Benefit's Fake Up concealer a lot. I
t was smooth and hydrating just like the Fake Up, but the coverage was just not there. 
It also left quite a sticky feeling under my eyes and got pretty cakey after I put the All-In-one base over it. 

Even though it doesn't state in it's description about giving any brightening effect, I was kinda hoping it would ESP when it's developed for the under eyes :(
Because it dried to a pretty dewy and sticky finish, covering up blemishes and bumps were just a no-no w this concealer. It was almost impossible to cover my zit because it was sliding all over! 

Lasting power was not very impressive either, at only around 2 hours despite having an eye primer under my eyes. 
With a price tag of $22.90 , I would recommend other concealers like the Maybelline Mineral's concealer ($14.90) that I have been using for years. And I swear by that product! 

All-In-One Cheek color in Shade 02 ($22.90)

The All-In-One Cheek color was by far one of my favorite make up product from the line!
In fact I think its my FAVORITE blush now, and i think its better than my MAC blushes even.
It's small and light and once again, loveeee The Body Shop's packaging because it's so compact yet sturdy. 

I got mine in the shade 02, a peachy-coral color that I thought would suit every skin tone.
It has a little specks of gold shimmer in it , leaving a very subtle nice glow on your face.
The lasting power of these blushes are AMAZING . They literally last a long long time! 
My blushes usually wear off after 1-3 hours depending on what I'm doing (if I perspire then it lasts a lot shorter)
But these lasted around 4-5 hours which is awesome and I'm so impressed!! 

It's no wonder it was one of the Cheek products listed in the Cleo's Beauty Hall of Fame last year ;) highly recommend this.

Lip and cheek stain ($24.90)

Last but not least, the lip and cheek stain in the shade 01. 
It's basically a Multi-purpose stain that you can use over your lips or cheeks for a very natural finish.
I would say I'm really impressed with this product too! The only downside would be it's packaging because the applicator was kinda gross after I applied it on my lips and moved on to apply it on my face...
Idk why but it just felt gross to me? Hahaha!

Anyway I would compare this to the Benefit's Benetint. It's very lightweight and very build able. It's a little more "cherry-colored" looking than Benetint, and absorbs a little less quickly. 
But I don't mind all these because it gives me more time to blend it out nicely, making sure that there are no harsh lines.

Staying power is amazing as well, and together with the All-In-One cheek color, (I used the stain underneath) , the colors stayed on my cheeks for about 5 whole hours before completely wearing off.

I would highly recommend the Body Shop's Lips and Cheek Stain if you're looking for something like the Benetint but don't bear to pay $55 for it. 
Why not just pay $24.90 for something similar! It definitely gives the Benetint a run for it's money and I'm so happy with it :) 

Overall I would recommend 3 products from this line, The Instablur, All-in-one cheek color and the Lip and cheek stain. 
The other two might not be suitable for my skin or to my liking, but I will definitely recommend them to someone with normal/dry skin looking for something that gives them a light coverage and "no make up" look. 

I hope this review helps and it's my first time doing a make up product review so please pardon me if I made any mistakes or if there are areas I can improve on.
It's not easy because I'm interning now and I wake up superrrr early. 
Don't really have time to blog properly so I have to result to typing everything onto my Notes on my iPhone 5 Haha!
I usually add a little bit here and there everyday on the way to work, and on my way home from dinner. I might have left something out because I'm blogging off my head! Hahaha! 

Probably need to get used to this lifestyle very soon. :(

But i hope you all had a great weekend,


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