Hotel Re! @ Pearl's Hill

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Just a few days ago, I was very honored and lucky to be invited for a 3D2N stay over at Hotel Re!

Hotel Re! is a Modern Retro boutique hotel standing at 12 storey-high with 140 rooms.
All guestrooms in this boutique hotel are furnished with retro inspired furniture and complimented with ultra modern technology for that unique Hotel Re! touch. 

Each floor in this boutique hotel has its own colour theme and all the rooms on the floor resonates with the designated colour and décor. 

Glittery mosaic-tiled bathrooms in all rooms are the finishing flourish to what our distinctive boutique hotel offers. Hotel Re! @ Pearl’s Hill is a wondrous surprise waiting to be discovered.

Checking in...

Yay got our room keys!

We spent the first night in the Business Room, overlooking a breathtaking garden view.

The first thing I did was.. of course, jump on the bed to test it out :) Hahah nah im kidding i just wanted to lie there

Super soft bed that I knocked out on almost immediately at night. The bed was sooooo soft and what I loved most was that they provided extra pillows! 

Chilling while Matt watches TV

We headed for late dinner at Group Therapy Cafe @ Duxton that was about 20 mins walk away.
On our walk there, I dropped my 2-weeks old camera cap and didn't realize it till we reach the cafe.
After dinner we decided to trace back our footsteps and we FINALLY found the camera lens cap lying on the floor, in the middle of the road.
It probably got ran over by a few cars :( 

But thank God its still working!

We headed back to the hotel afterwards to chill and had some alone time with Matt, enjoyed a few glasses of Moscato, talked and enjoyed each other's company.

Day 2: SUPER happy because I love having breakfast and I couldnt wait to try out the hotel's complimentary breakfast!

 Food was honestly so-so, but Hotel Re!'s service was awesome.
Everyone attended to all our needs really efficiently and was always around to make sure that everything was going well for their customers.

The food spread was pretty amazing as well, considering Hotel Re!'s a boutique hotel.
They even had a salad and cereal bar! Yummmmmm

After checking into our new Duluxe room for our second night stay, we decided to take the complimentary shuttle bus to Outram park station, where we took a train to Vivocity for lunch.
I've always wanted to try Jamie's Italian because of all the hype, and since we had quite a bit of time on our hands, we decided to pay the restaurant a visit.
Surprisingly, there wasnt a queue though it was a Saturday!
We ordered 2 mains, 1 for each of us, and a crispy squid as a side to go along.
Crispy Squid ($11)
A little pricey for a few pieces of Calamari, but i'd say it was really unique and not bad!
Worth the money once in awhile :)
It comes with a special sauce, and fried chopped garlic sprinkled over the top. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who lovessss calamari or simply anyone that loves light bites like this.
Beef Bolognese ($25)
Matt ordered the Beef Bolognese because he's a HUGEE fan of bolognese and that's his number one pasta dish. This came in the regular size and honestly, it was just normal to me.
Wild Mushroom Risotto ($14)
I ordered the Wild Mushroom Risotto in the appetizer size (Because I only wanted to try it out).
It was quite disappointing, I thought I've tried many other Mushroom Risottos that were way nicer than the one at Jamie's Oliver.
One of my favorite Risottos would be the one at Blackbird Cafe at Handy Road. 
It's a must try!
In the mid afternoon, the marketing team at Hotel Re! informed me that they were going to offer us a complimentary candlelight dinner for both Matthias and I.
We were both really thrilled because we have been wrecking our brains for places to go for out First Anniversary Dinner.
We were really SHOCKED at how much effort the staff at Hotel Re! put into making our anniversary dinner such a perfect one. 
They even cordoned off one part of the restaurant just for the both of us.
The table set up was just incredible and really really gorgeous. We were both really speechless and utterly touched.
Lined with candles,
The Chef, Mr William also specially prepared a "Key To Your Heart" menu for us that were neabt couples that wish to have a special dinner with their other halves.
Smoked Duck Breast Salad with Roasted Sesame Dressing, topped with greens, cashew nuts and mango.
This dish was perfect. It's easily one of the best salads i've had in my life.
The roasted sesame dressing was simply divine. It was rich, creamy, and it complements the sweetness from the mangoes and saltiness from the Duck breast so perfectly.
Second dish was Mushroom soup in Puff pastry
I've been craving this since forever! Never seem to be able to find restaurants that carry this dish on their menu anymore.
Covered with puff pastry that was so soft and fragrant, the creamy mushroom soup beneath was just right.
The both went together so well, and just writing about this dish can make me drool already!
Third dish that was presented to us was the Pan fried Salmon, topped with Scallops and Asparagus
Im a HUGE fan of Salmon (I love salmon in all forms, sashimi, grilled, fried, pan-fried etc)
This salmon over here was cooked so well and just-right. I love it when my Salmon fillets break apart so easily and it starts to "peel" layer by layer.
With a few strands of asparagus and fresh scallops on the top, this is definitely a well-balanced dish that prepped my tastebuds well for the next few dishes.
Fourth Course was the Chicken Breast with Aglio Olio pasta.
Tender Chicken breast with spaghetti tossed in olive oil, fresh herbs and with Cherry tomatoes on top????! What else can I ask for really!
Last but not least, we were served this dessert platter consisting of freshly cut fruits, mango sago, and a scoop of chocolate chip peppermint ice-cream.
Im a sucker for desserts (as you all already know) and I simply Cannot stand looking at desserts that are plated so intricately!
Makes me sad whenever i sink my fork in them because I felt like I was ruining a piece of artwork.
Dont believe me? Look at how intricate this strawberry is!
The dinner was SOOOO satisfying and filling I almost died stuffing myself ><
But everything was just TOO GOOD to not finish. Especially the salad and the Salmon Fillet with scallops.
They were my faves!
Do try them out if you guys happen to visit Hotel Re! Because they are actually really affordable and trust me, you wont regret it.
3rd Day:
Woke up early for breakfast and to our delight, we found the salad dressing we had last night at the salad bar, WOOHOOO!
Here's a random photo of the both of us before checking out.
Requested for Latte that wasnt on the menu, and the manager was kind enough to make it specially for me!

So that was it for our 3D2N stay at Hotel Re!
Really grateful to Hotel Re and every staff for the amazing service that made our stay such an enjoyable one :)
So for the good news...

Hotel Re! is celebrating their 6th Anniversary and is coming up with a SMASHING PROMO!
From 14th May to 30th May 2014, Hotel Re! is offering 6Deluxe rooms EVERYDAY on 6pm for only $66++ !

All you have to do is:
1) Like their Facebook Page
2) Share the Post
3) Comment on the Photo 
4) The first 6 persons to do so will receive a Private Message from hotel Re's FB account to inform you that you're one of the lucky ones to be able to enjoy their Deluxe Room Deal!

Simple as that!
Cant believe they are only offering the Deluxe Rooms at $66++ this is insaneee!
I might just participate in the FB contest just to win myself another staycation at that price. I just might....


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