LovesKateSpade, New Hair and More!

Friday, May 09, 2014

Wanted to own a Kate Spade but found that Singapore boutiques' prices are way too steep?
  Well, Loveskatespade offers Kate Spade items at a MUCH CHEAPER price! 
Not only that, it is 100% authentic and brand new with tag, authenticity card and gift receipt.
It is brought in Directly from the Kate Spade factory in USA , and this is what makes Loveskatespade such an awesome place to shop... 
They guarantee that these Kate Spade items are not goods that were rejected from the Kate Spade Factory!
What you see in the Singapore Boutique is what you get! 
This is my personal favorite from the website:
As many of you have already noticed, I chopped off quite a bit of my hair because it was simply too dry and damaged.
I decided that it's time to go back to having straight hair again!
I've had permed hair for the past 2 years, and boy I actually felt really happy when I saw my hair straight again.
There's always something nice about straight locks. They just look healthier!
And of course, way more shiny than permed hair :) Hhahaa oops!
Wee from Salonvim also did a Keratin treatment on me, resulting in this CRAZY smooth and shiny head of straight locks.
I swear that even after 2+ weeks, my hair still feels soooo soft.
It's no wonder so many people cant stop raving about the Keratin treatment! How I miss seeing my hair this healthy and shiny hahahah!
Salon Vim Bugis:
235 Victoria Street Singapore 188027 Tel +65 6837 0073 / +65 6837 0045
Immediately after I did my hair at Salon Vim, Milly's prepared this set of hair extensions for me just in case I missed having wavy hair!
Just look at this set of extensions, they are soooo natural and amazing. They absolutely blend into my new hair color! What are the chances. Heheh
I'm still learning how to take care of them because I want them to last me till my hair grows long enough for me to perm again!
Thank you Milly's for these hair extensions because they make me happy whenever I miss my curly hair :')
Speaking about Milly's, I just went to get my nails done again!
This time, in the classic Black and Gold (again, yes, cant seem to get enough)
You guys seriously need to see the glittered finger in real life. You'll go blind. HAHA!
Millys is located at:
Far East Plaza    14 Scotts Road #03-131     Singapore 228213     Tel: 67376723
Bugis Village     Bugis Village Extension,     Level 2 @ Bom Bom street     Tel: 63384137

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