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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ever wondered how awesome it'll be if you could shop for all of your favorite blog shops all at once?

Well. For Shopaholics like myself (although i'd hate to admit i'm one), I know it'd be so so so much more convenient and fuss free!

Here's good news for all you crazy Shopaholics like me, proudly presenting to you "SHOPAHOLICS"possibly the best app you can ever have on your phone! 

Now after using the Shopaholics app for almost a month now, (psst. I do check it almost everyday for new stuff)
I am really pleased with how convenient and easy it is to use!
Here's a step-by-step demonstration on how purchased some of my items from Shopaholics.

Step 1: Download the App

Simply download the Shopaholics app on your Android or iOS devices and WALAAA!

Step 2: Launch the App!

There are 5 different navigation buttons at the bottom. I have labelled them for you guys!


This timeline shows the latest items from the different blog shops. 


The "shops" navigation tab shows all the shops available on the app

To narrow down your searches to the different categories like prices and style, click on the button as shown below:

For my personal purchases, I visited the Little White Sheep site and bought 2 items from there, hehe!

Look for the apparel that you want, then hit the "ADD TO CART" button at the bottom!

The second item was this beautiful lace trimmed skirt


Wait, nope. 2 items is too little! Hahaha as you can see, I kinda went a little overboard 

Next up, D.Majestique

Shopaholics also has the share feature as seen above, where users can now share their fav items on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
You can even Whatsapp your BFFs to ask them for their opinions. 
All with just ONE CLICK!

Go to your shopping cart


The good thing about the Shopaholics app is that it allows a combined check out shopping cart!
You can now bid goodbye to numerous check outs everytime you shop at different stores :)

Delivery was very fast! I received my first parcel from D.Majestique after 3 days, and shortly after, my parcel from LWS also arrived!

Here are the 3 items I got from my shopping experience with Shopaholics




I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE how fuss-free this app really is. AH!
What I like most about Shopaholics is that it allows every item under them to be categorized and segmented according to price!
Its suited for users who's on a Budget like me .. Sometimes I just wanna spend a max of $30 on say a bag, and the app will filter bags under $30 for me. For me, that's very important. 
Cant wait for more shops to be slowly added into the App, I can see myself using this App so often from now onwards.

For more details, visit Shopaholics on your Appstore:

Shopaholic's Facebook
Instagram / Twitter : @Justshopaholics


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