365 days

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy first Anniversary babylove,
I don't even know where to start, or how to how to begin thanking you for coming into my life.
The past one year has been amazing and it still feels so surreal, everything. I don't think my mind has taken it all in yet.
You have always been so selfless with your love. You always put me before yourself, anything and everything else.
Sometimes I wonder if I deserve all that love and sacrifices because I doubt I can ever match up to the how much you have given up for me. 

Not every guy is so willing to pick up photography just to help with OOTDs and adverts. But he does it for her to make her life easier.
Not everyone can stand waking up early to accompany one to her photoshoot(s). But he does it just to make sure she's safe. 
No ordinary person will smile at a grumpy person throwing tantrums whenever she's tired. 
But instead, he pulls her into his arms and tell her that he loves her, all the time. 
He tries his best to make sure that he's always around, taking care and supporting her at every step of her way.

That lucky girl is me, and i'm truly truly blessed to have a man like you.

What I love most about us is that even though we spend every waking moment together, it will never be enough. 
I can never go home without missing you, even when we just said goodbye 10 minutes ago.
The beautiful thing is, this feeling is mutual, and I know it.

We've grown so much together as a couple and we've seen the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly sides of each other.
Thank you for loving me through my flaws and weaknesses. 
Thank you for always being so generous with your love.
Thank you for all the sacrifices, and all the patience.
Thank you for being you, and Thank God for bringing you to me.
I love you, Matthias.

Here's a video compilation of the little bits and pieces during our staycation recently at Hotel Re!
You've probably already seen this a million times because I didn't have time to edit it privately.
But i hope you like it just as much!
(I hope you guys enjoy this too hehe, watch it in HD via the computer!
Or via this  Link on mobile :) 

I pray for God to bless our relationship, allow it to grow stronger and help us be more centered around Him together. Love, Mong

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