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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Saw this on Tumblr and I've decided to attempt this since I just completed my presentations for this semester, woohoo!

20 random facts
1. Things you cant leave the house without. 
My Phone, Hand phone charger

2. Favorite brand of makeup 

I used to think that Maybeline was my favorite make up brand. However i have since started experimenting and trying out different brands. I'd say Loreal and Rimmel would both be my favorite , considering they are pretty affordable, have a wide range of products and their quality is pretty decent.
However, I do have my favorites for the different steps in my Make up routine:
Eyeliner : Loreal, Heroine Make, Dollywink
Mascara: Too faced "Better than sex" , Benefit's "They're Real", Loreal Telescopic and Maybeliine's Colossal 
Eyeshadows: Urban Decay Naked 2, Too Faced "All My Favorite Things"
Lipstick: Chanel
Face Powder: Rimmel Stay 
Foundation (Liquid) : Rimmel, Loreal TruMatch
BB Cream: Body Shop, The Face Shop
Lipbalm: Maybelline's Babylips 
Blush: Benetint, MAC Powder Blushes 
Brows: Haven't found any that is IMPRESSIVE yet (anyone have any suggestions? Shoot here!)

3. Favorite flowers. 

Sunflowers, because they remind me of summer, and happiness. Of course, they are YELLOW !
I love roses too, particularly Blue roses because I think they look so elegant and usually they come out in a "turquoise toned" blue color. I love anything turquoise or blue and that includes flowers!

They are artificially colored.. yes.. but I dont mind!

4. Favorite clothing store

I hardly buy clothes anymore, but if i were to, it would be F21 or The Editor's Market!

5. Favorite perfume 

Green apple by DKNY, and Daisy by MBMJ

6. Heels or flats 

Depends on where Im going. If im attending an event, or have a presentation/shoot then heels because i'll look better (more poised etc)
Other than that, flats! 

7. Do you have good grades 
Not really :( 

8. Favorite color
Turquoise, then yellow.

9. Do you drink energy drinks 

Energy drink meaning drinks like Red Bull? Nope I don,t but i drink hell lotsa caffeine everyday

10. Do you drink juice 

Hahah seldom!

11. Do you like swimming 

Yeaah :) But I haven't been swimming in a long while because i'm trying to lose my tan. SO im staying indoors as much as i can!

12. Do you eat fries with a fork 

No... who does that. You simply don't eat fries with a fork because a fork can only pick up a few strands of fries at one time (mostly one 1 or 2 strands)... EVERYONE SHOULD EAT THEIR FRIES WITH THEIR HANDS!

13. Whats your favorite moisturizer 

I've got sensitive skin so I use Simple's Kind To Skin Moisturizer. It's really light, but I feel that the moisture it brings is pretty limited. So if your skin allows you to take in richer products, go for it!

14. Do you want to get married later on in life 

Of Course! I actually plan to get married when im 26, if all goes well haha!

15. Do you get mad easily 

I'm someone with a hell lot of emotions, and I'm over-sensitive to people who matter. So unless youre my family, or boyfriend, you probably wont see me get mad at you in your lifetime. haha!
That aside I always get annoyed at Matt whenever he behaves annoyingly or if he's insensitive. haha!

16. Are you into ghost hunting 

Whattt. noooo?

17. Any phobias 

I am a little Claustrophobic because i've got asthma and bronchitis.

18. Do you bite your nails 


19. Have you ever had a near death experience 

Nope, not really, Praise the Lord!

20. Do you drink coffee

Hell lots. I love coffee and I simple cant live without it! The past two weeks have been hell weeks in SMU , so on days like these, I can actually take up to 3 cups of coffee everyday!

I know I probably should cut down on caffeine because there are so many side effects to it, but i just cant seem to kick the habit or move away and rely less on coffee to keep me going through the day. 
But well... I don't really get much sleep so. Haha

I tag all of you who are reading this to do this!
If youre bored and have time to kill, I would love to know more about you :)
Happy Mid Week, ALL!


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  1. so true abt the fries and everyone shud eat pizzas with their hands!!

  2. I don't eat fries with a fork either; I eat fries with BBQ sauce. Forks aren't edible.