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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Found some random photos in my camera and i've decided to upload them here.
Last week, I managed to snag a Groupon deal and purchased a dinning voucher at Jpot!
Both Matthias and I really enjoy eating at Jpot (Excpet its quite pricey) and he was soo thrilled when I surprised him with the voucher :) 

For those of you who don't know what Jpot is, it's basically a "steamboat" restaurant under Jumbo Seafood. And instead of having a few people to share a large steamboat, Jpot only allows one person to one pot.
And need I mention : They serve the BEST steamboat base ever!

Our favorite is the "Superior Broth" 
Honestly, I dont even know whats in there. It just tatses soooo heavenly!
And if you're a fan of chinese soups like we are, then Jpot is really for you. Their broths are amazeballs (esp the Superior Broth)

They've got other broths as well, and I think other popular ones are Bak Kut Teh (which was not bad), and Porridge
For the spicy lovers, good news! Jpot has a Tom Yam and Laksa Base too :D

Really tempted to give Laksa a try, but their Superior Broth is really too good. I didn't want to risk it by trying something else 
Oooppssss hehe

Soup bases are priced at $6.80 to $11.80

Apart from the broth, you can order other Ala Carte ingredients to go with your base.
It works just like a normal steamboat! Cept the ingredients are all really fresh (& pricey too HAHA)

Jumbo Meat Ball

Enoki mushrooms and another basket of chinese cabbage at the back!
We also decided to splurge on their Grain-Fed Ribeye (this was about $16 or something) because we felt happy that day.  

We also ordered the normal beef slices ($6.80) we'd usually order as well, but I realised i don't have a photo of it haha!
To be honest, the Grain-Fed Ribeye was really nice. It was tender and had lots of marbled fats in it as you can see. 
Although the normal beef slices were significantly not as nice as the Rib eye slices, we felt that for the price difference, we'd rather go for more normal beef slices.

We figured that utility will be higher than way. HAHA!

Chicken Slices

My concoction consisting of freshly chopped garlic, Parsely, Peanut paste, sesame oil, garlic oil, chilli padi and soy sauce.

This is heavenly! 

We also ordered a bowl of plain white rice each to go along. And we both died eating because we went to food heaven and came back with a food baby in our tummies. hehe!

This is not a sponsored post once again, if youre wondering :)


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