Hittin The Roads

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hitting the roads

Here's what goes on behind the scenes of every outdoor shoot.
Swealtering hot sun, sweat smudging all your make up off, no proper changing rooms, no mirrors for touch up

Nevertheless one good thing about every outdoor shoot - the photos afterwards
I'd always be so stocked and looking forward to the photos to be out and published. And when I finally see how beautiful every picture had turned out, I knew everything was well worth it.

Matt and I went to explore a place we've always wanted to go -  we needed to travel so badly, out of this country.
Even if its just for a few hours, its actually pretty therapeutic to have your mind off work and school.
So proud to see my boyfriend's photography skills improve heaps and bounds over the past few months!
Always so thankful and blessed to have someone that puts in the extra effort to go the miles to see me happy, and to take the burden off my chest.

Hiring outdoor photographers can be pretty costly, so he was willing to learn to help me with it.
I'd say he's been wow-ing me every single time!

That reminds me : Im SUPER excited about exchange because i'll get to travel to all the places i've been dying to go.. And the scenery everywhere's gonna be breathtaking

(Esp santorini in Greece... I CANT FRIGGING WAIT)

For those of you who are wondering what's gonna happen to "mongabong" (my blog, instagram, adverts etc)
DONT WORRY because I don't intend to stop!
Instead, I'll be blogging and taking more outfit photos over there since i'll be travelling so much and phototaking will be so so much easier
And who doesn't love places with 4 seasons?
Can totally imagine myself going more bold with my style and clothes. 

So please be rest assured, that I will still be taking in adverts when I'm over there!
(Postage costs will all be borned by myself as well. The main reason is for me to capture every beautiful moment over there, not that much to make $$$ HAHA)

Drop me an email at mongchin-@hotmail.com to find out more about my exchange advert packages :)

There concludes my "Hit the Roads" look. Paired with something really simple, all monochrome colors and I kept the accessories clean too.

Lastly, anyone have any good whitening lotions/serums/creams/methods to recommend?
Im in serious need to whiten myself hahaha! I get tanned too easily and the weather nowadays really don't give chance. Tsk/

Have a great weekend my lovely readers, if i have any left. Im so sorry i've been so busy at school with projects and what not.. I'll be back really soon!


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