Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello everyone! Guess who's back from the 2 week long hiatus? :) *me me me!*
I'm really sorry for neglecting you guys as well as this space. But there simply isn't enough time for me to do everything eversince I got back to SG a few days ago.
Lots of assignments and work have piled up over the two weeks and it's insane. I'm almost going crazy:(

Thank god i have my lovely sponsors who can give me a reason to and wayyy more discipline to visit this space again and kick it back to live :)
Today, I'll be sharing with you guys the few items the kind souls at Wanderment sent me!

Their site isn't what I would usually go for, but i gotta say that it's always good to try out something you'll never thought you would - it's full of surprises! 
For sure, they can be good or bad surprises, but well.. if it turns out to be a disaster, at least you tried. Right? :)

For the first item, I chose the Edgy Hand Carry bag ($45)

This beautiful see through bag features a silver roll over opening and a really deep bag space. 
It's awesome for people like me who want to carry a lot of things without having their bags looking bulky!
And who doesn't like the fact that it's see-through? :) Hehe 
Made of really good quality PVC, you can be sure that it's waterproof too!

The next two items I got are Classic Floppy Hat and the Side Slit Skirt (Black)

I don't look like myself, don't i? Haha! Still not getting used to seeing myself dress like this but I'm actually loving this style!
It's a little english, over the top yet creating a wonderful and elegant outfit with only just two colors, white and black.
Paired them with gold accessories to tone down the look a little because I thought using gold would make this outfit a more girly one, I suppose, to using black or silver accessories.

I gotta say, these 2 sets of photos are one of the best advert pieces i've taken so far. I've always loved experimenting with different styles. 
It's a pity all these pieces that are mentioned in this post are now OOS or are on backorders at Wanderment
So happy that you girls actually like them as much as I do ;) 

For those on backorders, ie the Bag and Hat.. DO GET THEM because they are definitely worth the wait!
Quote "mongabong" for a 10% discount when you like their FB page and follow their IG account!

Wanderment's customers can now self collect their items at IMM or Century Square with their new courier service at a flat fee of only $2.50! 
So instead of waiting for the snail mail to reach you, you can now opt for this faster option which will only take 1-3 working days.

Instagram: @wandermentco

Hope everyone's doing well and mid terms are coming up in two weeks for me. Gasps.
I hope i'll still be able to check in here whenever I can!

That having said, I'm finally paying milly's a visit again after 2 months, time to change my nails to something V-day themed! Hehehe cant wait to show you guys how it turns out!

Love and miss all,

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