Sunday, February 09, 2014

Have you ever felt Like you're not good enough? 

I do, all the time. And for the record, I feel that way every single day. 
People might ask, what's missing in my life when I've got everything? Well. My answer to that would be that I only seem to have everything, when in reality, the life I protray to have could just be what you and I have been trying to achieve. 

Yes I might have my lovely sponsors and I have my own Income whatsoever. But the trade off? Shit grades and a self-conscioused me. 
It doesn't help when everyone else is doing so well with their studies and they have already embarked on something, like an internship of even secured their jobs. What about me? I've been trying but... There's only so much to how much you can excel in something where your heart doesn't lie. 

People say that I'm already successful in my own field and everyone have different strengths. But does it even matter? At the end of the day it's all about money, money, and money. 
Which job gives you good prospects, which job lands you and your family a comfortable and stable life. Can whatever i do bring me to the place that I want to be? 

Or are my expectations of myself way too high again?

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  1. hi dear :)

    studies are not everything. yes even though u may get good grades, however at the end of the day when you go out to work, your attitude is what matters and your values are impt as well :) im sure u are a smart girl and even though u feel that yr grades are in your favour now, god has a plan for you.

    im a christian however i left church few months back due to my busy schedule in school. yes i may be doing well and always trying to maintain my GPA each semester so that i can be enrol into a uni at the end of my 3 years in poly. But somehow u will still fill empty after your accomplishment. is not because no one is happy for me.. im sure my friends and parents will be proud of me.. but i feel that giving up church over studies is not a good choice.

    even though i have left church, i went back a few times and somehow i always feel god is always there for us whenever i wana turn to him. and my church friends still encourage me even though i dont go church very often. i came to realise that even if u may be good in studies, have lots of money with a stable job, be pretty on the outer and wear nice clothes (i like to shop alot too), at the end of the day u will still feel sth that is missing out...

    and that is god. my dad once taught me : " my dear girl.. "i will be proud of u if u go into uni and get a scholarship and ease my burden, but rmb that its ok to be poor, as long as u are rich in sprituality god will always provide a way out for u. u have to trust him and rely on him :). " these words i rmb till today and i feel im a bad daughter somehow hahah.

    i hope that u will not feel this way ok ?:) u are so much better than what u think. and i will pray for u. don ever compare yourself with others because comparison can never be enough.. it is endless. and it will only demoralize you. whats the use of comparing and putting yrself down? is pointless :( i hope that u wlll be fine soon :) and im sure god will always love u and lead u :)

    In phlippians 4:13, i can do everything thru him who gives me strength.

    in psalm 55:22, cast your burden upon the lord and he willl sustain u, he will never allow the rightous to be shaken.

    god bless u mong|! :)

    1. Hey dear, thank you! Youre the sweetest!
      Can I have your email so that I can reply you personally? I'd wish to do that :)
      Or you can email me at