Little update

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Hey guys, 

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates because I'm currently in Paris now, for those who follow me on Instagram should know! 

Time difference and the lack of time has resulted in the negligence of this space sadly. The Internet is really shaky over here, coupled with exhaustion from travelling and walking (yes. Travelling requires you to do lots of WALKING)... It's all pretty hardcore haha! Not mention having to catch up with all my work and readings even when I'm here after everything. 

Here's to let you guys know that you all are not forgotten! Though we are so so far away now, I'll still do my best to update my Instagram at the very least okay?:) 

I've also drafted a few blog posts on my trip to London recently! If Only the Internet connection here was stronger, I'd post it up immediately. But well.. First world problems aside, how's everyone doing? 

I know it's 5am back there in Singapore, and probably no one's reading this now. Hahaha if I still have readers and followers even.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! I'm off to the louvre and Eiffel Tower for the second time tomorrow! 

Not the happiest trip, but I'm glad I'm here. Miss you all, goodnight! 


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