Workout Routine (II)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hello guys!
This is a highly requested post from you all. And SOOOOO many of you have asked me about the things I do at the gym, what exercises to I do at home etc.
Some of you even asked about my diet and ways I try to keep in shape. 
(Try because I have to try damn hard and sometimes I fail LOL)

So here's an entry specially for those of you who've asked! 
Im sorry it took me so long to finally get down to doing this. 
There are actually a few reasons for my absurd behavior (LOL)

1) I havent even been working out myself HAHA
2) Been too busy lately
3) Too lazy
4) I don't usually gym or workout with anyone else, hence I always found it a struggle to film or even take photos of the things I do at the gym to show you guys

Mainly these 4 reasons la huh.. HAHA i know they only sound like excuses and I don't really intend to argue that i'm not making excuses up for myself. so....
YES YES, Sorry :( No.More.Excuses.Mong

So here's a video I took of myself (HAHA) at the gym a few days back. It was honestly an impromptu one because the gym at my condo is hardly ever empty and hence filming myself in front of complete strangers would be an "errrr... okay? What the hell is she doing" moment. LOL

So yes! And pardon my super amateur skills - do people need skills to gym? 
And yes, of course.. all of you know how much I actually suck at video editing. So i'm only gonna attempt to save myself the embarrassment and go for the simplest.
No one actually looks at how nice the video effects are, right? Perhaps its just me and i'm just kiddiing myself.

Anyhooooo~ without further ado.. here's the super embarrassing video I recorded of myself gymming.
Plus a few of my favorite exercises that can be done with just a gym mat!
These exercises only take around 30 mins or so to complete the entire 3 sets and I usually do all 3 sets at one go without stopping. 
But if you're still a beginner at these, don't worry! Just take your time and slowly build up your muscle strengths.
Taking short breaks i between sets doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing! :) 

Here's what's been featured in the video:

#1: Alternating Crunches

As seen in my unglam faces above from the screenshot, here's steps 1 & 2 to this simple warm up exercise.
The reason why I said that it was "my version of it" is because people who gym will know that this is not exactly Alternating Crunches.
The usual Alternating Crunch involves the two feet 90 degrees bent, above the ground, elbows touching alternate knees every time you squeeze your abs as you go up and down.

However my main aim for this exercise it to not only to target the top two muscles in my core, but rather work them all out in a balanced manner.

The first 25 reps will usually be of no-kick to you, but wait till you embark on other exercises and go onto your 2nd and 3rd set! HAHA

#2: Alternating Bent Leg Raises

This exercise focuses on the lower abs.
I prefer this workout to the usual leg raises (where you straighten your knees and drop both legs together) because I find my body more stable in this position. 
Being stable also allows me to isolate the particular muscles properly and get more out of the work out :P
Most of the time I'll be using Instagram or watching youtube videos on my phone while doing this because its so relaxing!

At this point, you should be feeling a little strain in your abs. But we gotta persevere! (it's only the first set anyway)
The next workout is what I found the most tough out of the lot and sometimes I can't even finish this in my 3rd set.

#3: Double Crunch

So basically, the Double Crunch involves working your entire core like HARDCORE (it rhymes!)
Hahaha! Nah just kidding its not that hardcore. LOL don't let me scare you.

Step 1: Raise your hands up and try your best to straighten it above your head, keeping the rest of your body straight.
Step 2: Raise both you legs and arms up at the same time and try to reach your toes.

It doesn't really matter if you were to touch your toes or not because we are focusing on the action of squeezing your muscles (reaching for toes part) and not stretching at the last bit to try to touch your toes because that wouldn't really be working much.

This requires quite a bit of perseverance so press on! It's almost coming to an end.

#4: Side Oblique Crunch

This tones up your obliques and gives you a more shape-y and defined looking abs. 
Even though this might look a little weird at first, trust me, it works amazingly!

Basically you lie 90degrees on your side to the floor, and use the opposite hand to support your body while you move your legs and body to meet each other (As shown in the video)
Im not gonna lie, this was quite a challenge at the start esp when our muscles are already tired from the previous few exercise.
But i'm one who gets satisfaction from feeling the pain in my muscles as I work out. Why? 
Well... because I feel like im actually strengthening in the midst of doing it, and that this workout is effective on me! 
There are so many workouts that has no effect on me, and I dont really know why because I just don't feel the strain or ache in my muscles like what everyone told me I would.
It's either because my body has been used to a higher intensity workout at that area, or i'm just doing it wrongly hahaha~ 

And of course, we don't want uneven obliques.

#5: Butt Toning Kicks

Tones your outer buttocks and inner thighs 
Included this workout into my usual routine after watching this on some Victoria Secret workout video. 
After trying it out, I really really ENJOYED it! I mean look at how I can isolate just my butt alone and not work the other parts of my body.
My upper body is practically still ! That also leaves me with a lot more time to do other things like watch TV, videos or surf the net on my phone.
Doing things like these during your workout can actually push your body even further because you're distracting your mind from all that fatigue your muscles are feeling. 
Half the time we give up because our mind is telling us that we are tired. But it might not be necessarily the case.

#6: Vertical Kicks

This tones up your entire buttocks 

Im sorry if i was a little slow towards the end of the video because to be very honest with you guys... I filmed these clips after i was already done with all my gym sets!
It was only when i finished that the last person decided to leave the gym -.- 
So yes... I actually went ahead to do one more set of every exercise just so I could film them FOR YOU !!! Wheeeeee

The things I do for you guys, don't I deserve a pat on my back? Hehe :*

Now comes the part most people are very curious about: 

"Do you follow a strict diet?" 
Nope. I dont follow ANY diet because I simply can't, as much as I want to. My tummy and my mind gets really really weak whenever I see/think about good food. For myself, I don't believe in starving myself or going to the extreme to be thin.
Like i've said, working out is to keep fit and healthy, not to be thin. 
I dont want to be thin anyway, what i'm after is a toned and healthily sculpted body. Which i'm very far from because of my diet and the lack of discipline these days. 

But i promise to be back!

"What do you recommend I eat to get the best results?"
Of course, everyone will tell you to avoid food that are high in bad fats. Ie processed food, food filled with sugar like bubble tea, or food high in sodium like Potato chips.

Essentially, they are called JUNK FOOD  la hahaha! 
I can't say that much for myself because if i did, then i would be the worst example to set! HAHA I love junk food and my life literally revolves around junk food.
Just look at the things i eat all the time as seen on my Instagram (@mongabong) LOL

That having said, there are lots of food that are high in good fats too! Like fatty salmon.
Those are good for you and they definitely give you the nutrients your body needs. 
The only problem is that foods like Salmon are pretty pricey, so it's pretty unfeasible to eat it everyday too if youre a broke soul like me heh

Lots of protein will be good too! 
One good way would be to eat Grilled Chicken Breasts that have been cooked in little oil and sodium. 
Mixed Vegetables are also a good source of Fibre! Plus, they are super refreshing and fresh. 

Cant tell you guys how much I love eating salads! Cept they are alws so freaking expensive to have. PLUS they make me hungrier than I already am without eating it -,-

Fruits like bananas (MY FAVVVV) are a good source of energy and they keep you feeling full for a really long time!

Green Apples gives your body some sugar, so that you will avoid a sugar crash mid-lunge :) 

For myself, I'm a strong believer of doing whatever that makes you feel happy. Eating and working out makes me happy, and i know that very clearly. 
My mood will instantly get lifted up after a meal, no matter what. 
And I get very grumpy if i don't get my food. Hahaha I hate the feeling of hunger. I think that's the worst feeling in this world? 
Like I detest it even more than menstrual cramps. So yes. You will hardly find me in a situation where I'm not eating or snacking or junking LOL

It's very very bad I know, but what to do? Sucks to be mong. HAHA!
Gotta pay back in the gym then! 

So girls, remember that most importantly, do not starve yourself. MUST NOT STARVE.
Because it's actually super bad for your body. Even though you might see the results, it will not look good because what you will be left with will be skin and bones, dull skin, bad hair, and you will also find yourself falling sick a lot more often because of the lowered immune system.
Instead of starving yourself, why not adopt a healthier lifestyle and opt for exercise instead?

Although the journey is tough, know that the results will always be rewarding.

"No pain, no gain" 

Hope this post clarified most of your queries my lovelies! Feel free to ask me should you have more questions on my I'll definitely try my very best to reply haha.
Or simply email me if you dont mind me knowing who you are! hehehe I'd love to know you guys anyway, so don't hesitate okay!

P.S I'm not a pro at this, so spare me okay! This post is purely for those who asked me to share. If you're not one of them, simply ignore! :)


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