Review: Sony Z1

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Sony introduces XperiaTM Z1 – a stunning waterproof smartphone with a groundbreaking camera experience

  •   Combines the very best of Sony’s technology in a slim, waterproof and beautifully designed Android smartphone
  •   True compact camera performance through combination of Sony’s award-winning “G Lens”, large 1/2.3-type 20.7MP “Exmor RS for mobile” CMOS image sensor and “BIONZ for mobile” image processing engine
  •   Innovative suite of Xperia Camera Applications that deliver unique experiences including live social broadcasting
  •   Immersive viewing experience via Sony’s TRILUMINOS® Display for mobile and X-RealityTM for mobile
  •   Unrivalled ecosystem of accessories and companion products 


Waterproof technology
Hahah i bet that must be your reaction now as you read this (or maybe not if you've already seen others review on it) 

YES! The Sony Z1 is WATERPROOF and can withstand up to 30 mins underwater. You   can even dive with it underwater for up to 1.5m!
I think Sony developed this phone for people like me who've always had a love hate relationship with water... 
Fun Fact: Almost ALL of the phones I owned in my entire life died because of water LOL! It was either dropping it into the toilet bowl, or answering calls in the midst of a shower, answering calls with my hair still dripping wet... etc
Goodness me, I think i've lost more than 4 sets of phones due to water. RIP phones :( 

Sony, you should have came up with this a long long time ago! Haha

This feature is also for the avid swimmers. Always thought that having to bring a bulky underwater camera down was troublesome? This is also for you!
With the waterproof feature, you can now bring your Z1 underwater to capture the best moments you have with your friends!

Imagine visiting RWS,  visiting the Shark Encounter and snapping every single moment of it while being underwater with the sharks! The best part, you can upload it on Facebook/Instagram or any of your social media sites immediately!

On top of that, Sony Z1 also features an INCREDIBLE camera! 
"True compact camera performance through combination of Sony’s award-winning “G Lens”, large 1/2.3-type 20.7MP “Exmor RS for mobile” CMOS image sensor and “BIONZ for mobile” image processing engine"

I know its a whole load of camera terms which tbh, I don't understand that much of it either ;) 
The only thing I caught was 20.7MP and I think everyone knows that the higher the megapixels, the better.. right?
Gone were the days Nokia came up with the first few camera phones with VGA camera (not even megapixels lol).. then subsequently the 1.3MP and the 2.0 MPs. It's time we've FINALLY reached digital camera standards!

20.7MP is as good as my very own Semi-pro that i've been using for my ootd, adverts and blogging photos! Imagine how much trouble it'll save you from just owning this phone alone.

Here are some of the photos I captured using the Sony Z1 over the past 3 weeks as I took it around with me everyday. 
Meeting girlfriends, dates with my boyfriend etc.

Meet Janice and Stacey. We took this on a moving cab!!
I told them I wanted to try to see if the SOny Z1 actually lives up to what it claims to be able to take really still photos in the midst of vigorous movements and this was what I captured with really shaky hands!

Look at how everything was zooming by outside the windows. Look i'm not lying!

'Testing out the front camera with Vendela~

This was taken under super bad indoor lighting and it turned out not bad!
Actually I tried to take it with my Iphone front cam and we just couldnt get a good shot because it was sooo grainy, then I remembered that I had the Z1 in my phone. 
TADAA! So glad to have brought it out with me :)

On a moving train with Sarie..

Another moving taxi shot (hence the spastic faces HAHA)

What else, but food?
Hahaha I realised people tend to like my food photos on Instagram more than photos of myself (pfft) 
HAHA a little on the loser side la. But hey! I love my food and I still want to share them with you guys!

Even though you guys love food more than you love me :(

Yay! SO glad I got to review this phone because I now know how important it is to have a waterproof phone, for klutz like me HAHA. And also, seeing how much the technology has changed is really breathtaking. 
In just a short spam of almost a decade(?) Companies have learnt to incorporate features like these to make our lives so much more convenient.

Battery life
I gotta say... this phone is Amazeballs with its battery life. Im not even kidding you!!!!
I got this set from the office 3 weeks ago, and I haven't turned it off since. Instagraming and even blogging on it didn't even drain its battery much at all!

No doubt this phone was always in it's screensaver mode (most of the time because I only use it to take photos), it's still really INCREDIBLE!

For the whole of 3 weeks.. I only charged it once :0

Retail Price
The retail price of the Sony Z1 is now at $998 (incl. GST)

Thank you Sony for sending this over to me!
Hope you guys out there found this review useful, if you're thinking of changing and getting a new phone soon, do consider the Sony Z1 because it's pretty awesome!

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