14th Jan Rambles + ootd

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's the second week of school today and I'm pretty sure I'm still feeling the inertia ... Time to time I chant to myself "mong, get your game together, time to study" 

But to no avail?! Sadly. 
Hahaha! Anyhow here's just an update while I travel to school ☺️ 

What's been going on in my life lately: 
1) Rushing on my advertorial deadlines (everyone's been pretty busy to help me take my OOTDs )
2) TRYING to do my readings 
3) Lots and lots of photoshoots, which I'm not complaining haha
4) Spending time with my family and bf 
5) Applying for exchange 

Yes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get to go to the same university as Matt because we don't really want to spend the entire 6 months apart. 
Plus, I'll need my travel buddy if not going on exchange would lose it's meaning :( that having said, it's super mind screwing just to think about how we are going to strategize our choices. 
Basically we have 5 choices and we have to indicate our 1-5choices. But for us, we essentially only have 1 choice because we WANT to get into the same Uni, nothing less. 

The thing about Matt and I is that our GPAs are vey far apart. And exchange slots are given according to GPA scores. So the higher your gpa, the higher chance you'll get it. 

For Matt, his GPA is almost near perfect while mine is only.. Really mediocre. He's bound to get ANY uni he puts in his first choice. There comes the headache because I might not be able to:/ 
Say the university has only 4 slots, and we both bid for that uni- what's left for me will only be 3 slots to vie for because Matt would have taken the first. 

Strategy, strategy! :'( what a headache. 

Also spent the whole night editing some advert photos yesterday and I thought, why not share it with you guys too? 
Hehe. This set was my ootd yesterday, taken by my little baby sister ☺️ 

And the winds go swoosh swoosh~

Not too shabby right? Thank god almost everyone in the family can point and shoot a camera PROPERLY. 
Except for my mom, that is. She pretty much hopeless hahaha! 

I don't understand how people can totally miss the object or like cut off half of the person's head when you're using a digital camera with a digital display screen?! 
Really bewildering hahahaha

It's like everytime my conversation with my mom will go: 
"Mom, help me take a photo can, include my shoes also. Full body"
"Ok ok" 
*takes one million years to point and shoot* 
"You see if it's fine?" 
*takes a look* 

Face palm. Hahaha! Then she goes to try to shoot again. This time, I'm like only one tenth of the photo. 
You can barely even see the mini me in the picture! Much less the clothes I'm wearing.. Hahaha! Is it me or does everyone experience the same problem? LOL 

Have a great Tuesday everyone! 


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