Updates: Equinox , ReStore 3 and more!

Monday, January 06, 2014

Good morning world!! 

Realised I haven't been blogging properly lately (or have I...) haha! 
But that's because I've been pretty busy recently so just bear with me okay?:)
Anyhow.. I'm sure many of you have already known that I just did the Re/Store 3 Flea yesterday! As an invited blogger, I had the opportunity to sell my barang barang over there and of course, get to meet lovely people like you guys (AWW) 

I was so glad because I did have quite a lot to sell.. But after the TBM flea, response was so good that it got half of my closet wiped out. Leaving only the really not that good stuff for Restore :(
Sigh sorry guys! But nevertheless I hope you guys found something you liked at my booth. Haha!! 

Towards the end I was actually giving out free clothes because the whole place was going crazy!!! People were literally selling things at 2 for $1.
WHAT?! I thought fleas like that were already extinct. Hahaha! 

Honestly I felt that I would have enjoyed my self more as a shopper at this flea because the prices were so crazy that all the vendors felt so sian about it. There's no way I'm gonna sell my brand new nice nice clothes at 2 for $1 ... Haha! 

Nevertheless it was so enjoyable because I got to meet a few of my friends who were at the "bloggers" aisle with me! 
Also, I finally met the super pretty Tricia who had such good sales that day ☺️ 

On too of that, I met so many sweet readers who came down to support me!!!
Tho some of them tagged me but I forgot to screenshot their pictures... :( and the tag notification got flooded through my feed:( I'm sorry!! 

Can anyone tell me how to recover them from Instagram? I really want them!! 

Here's the few I recovered :( TAG ME IF YOURE READING THIS GIRLS!! 

Hehe sales weren't that great last night and it kinda felt like I wasted my effort. And everyone else. 
But nevertheless I'm super thankful to my Dad, boyfriend and bestfriend for coming down all the way to help me shift and move things. And ofc the most important duo for staying to keep me company :) 

Oh and the silly-klutz-irritating me even forgot to bring my wallet in the morning after reaching the place!!!! GRRRRR. Had to rush all the way back home and cab all the way back to the pit again:( 
That made Matt and I late for him mom's birthday lunch at equinox (for an hour oops) 

Both Matt & I went to Equinox last year for our first "official" date and I loved that place. The ambience was really great and the food there were of really good quality as well.
Overlooking the Singapore Skyline can't get any better with all that salmon sashimi, oysters and unlimited caviar and foie gras can it?!
It's really pricey though, (to me that is) (around $70+ per pax) for lunch! OMG ... 

But they have my favorite Parma Ham! And a wide spread of appetizers that are not widely seen in other normal buffet restaurants like Salmon Roe, caviar, foie gras , salami... Etc 

Yes, that's a whole bowl of Salmon Toe and Caviar that we had to ourselves. 0.0

It was an ala carte semi buffet lunch too so we could choose one main course on top of the buffet spread! 

Of course.. Who doesn't know that I love steak? Hehe! Got it in Medium rate and boy... It looked so small but it was hell filling! 

Isit me or do the desserts look CNY themed? Haha! 
Can't wait for CNY to come because I'll be in EUROPE with my Famz!!! (That's besides the point) 

Yesterday was such a longggg day, freaking longgggg day. Haha but I'm
Glad it's a day well spent with my loved ones.
Flea in the day and running about setting up the booth with Bay and matt >> birthday lunch at Equinox with Matt's family >> Flea  >> Dinner with my family, boyfriend and bestfriend >> Ikea for ice cream with Bestf & Boyfriend 

Time to head to bed now, and get ready for the first day of Year 2 Sem 2 tomorrow. 
I hope you guys will still see some of me on my blog and ig once school starts, will definitely try my best alright ?:) 
Although I have already decided that I gotta cut down on my commitment to Modelling and sorts because I need to pull my grades up, I will definitely not give up on blogging because it's as therapeutic as it can get! 
Also, it allows me to connect with you guys and your support means the world to me :) 

Let's have a great start! 

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