12 Days of Christmas : Part 2

Monday, December 30, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Part 2! 
(warning: photo spam)

This is probably the best gathering i've had this Christmas! 
A meet up with my TKGS clique and relieving the retarded moments when we were 15/16.
Those years were without-a-doubt the best years of my life. 

Everytime someone asked me if I could turn back time, which year will I choose? 
Year 2008, fo sure! 
Going back to when everything was pretty much at the peak for me : badminton, friendships, relationships. Except studies but it was fine because it was one year away from Os anyway.
I had pretty much everything and going to school was so enjoyable. 

Bet all of you didnt know. I'm actually pretty weird. HAHA
Especially around this bunch of people, i can totally be myself. We were such close playmates that being "normal" around each other became "weird" haha!

I'm sorry for the photo spam haha! That's what we are good at- camwhoring and making silly faces. 
Not forgetting pushing people's heads down once the photographer starts to hit the shutter.
And um... collaborating with the person standing next to you to jump right up and stick your hands out to cover the faces of the ones behind you ><

Those were the days. really.

I'd gladly go back to 2008 anytime. Haha im sure these girls feel the same way too!
Meeting up again after so long felt so "therapeutic". Everyone agreed that that night, we all felt so carefree, just like we were 15 again. 

These girls made up a huge part of my life as a TKG-ian, and it will forever be the place where my heart belongs to. Any TKG-ians out there too ? :)

The next night was filled with food over at Marcus's house with the bash peeps!
Look at how massive this turkey is.. it weighed 3.5kg and it costed us a hundred bucks LOL!

Matt and I prepared 2kg worth of fries as part of our potluck. But seriously. We both finished half of it before we even reached the place! 
Can't resist fries. I need to have them at least 3 times a week. Not kidding.
Haha! And yes... we finished 1kg worth of fries + a little more 

*Chants to self*
*adds it in 2014 resolution*

Hehe! So that was the end to my christmas celebrations this year. We had one more last night over at Matt's house with his relatives, but I didn't remember to whip out my camera to snap photos for you guys.
So sorry! Too excited over the sambal stingray and salmon sahimi that were sitting right in front of me on the table YUMS.

My next post will be sharing about my 2014 resolutions, have you made yours yet?:) So EGGCITED!


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