12 Days of Chirstmas Part 1

Monday, December 30, 2013

Good morning everyone!!!

Yesterday ended the Three Blind Mice Flea and it's also my first ever flea (as a blogger)! 
Means so much to me for those who made the effort to come down to support my rack and to say hi to me! (if we took a photo together, please tag me on instagram (@mongabong) cause I really want to see them and have them for keepsake!)

I'm really sorry for being so out-of-touch lately, because it was CHRISTMAS just a few days back and I was busy preparing for it! 
For those of you who already know, Matt, my sister han, and I baked some macarons and reindeer cookies for the jouyous season this year :) 
It was actually so much fun having your sister and your bf (who are two kitchen noobs btw) TRY to work together to bake on their own. 

We baked them in so many different batches over the span on 3 days. We had sooo many macarons that I dont think i'll be having/baking them anytime soon :/ 
Nevertheless i'm so glad that everyone loved them! Hahaha we experimented with the different colors but filled the same filling into each one. Meaning it's all the same flavor with different colored shells.

It was so funny seeing my friends go like "Hmmm I think this is pistachio flavour"
"OH! This is blue it must be vanilla flavour! Wah smells like vanilla too."
*Takes a bite*
"OMG mong it's damn good! Thank you for the Vanilla macarons!"

Goodness, i stood there holding in my laughter for the longest time seeing how they were clouded by their own minds.

Funny thing was: All the macarons were rose flavored

It's amazing how pple actually psycho themselves to think that the macarons they are eating are of a certain flavour, according to its outlook ><

Christmas Eve was spent at home watching Harry Potter and researching for my europe trip. It was a super chill day because we thought it'd be such a pain to go squeeze in the crowd and eat over priced food. 
Headed down to sQue after at night to countdown with the Phuket Gang!

What a fun-filled christmas. It wasn't anything fancy, but i'm still so happy I got to spend time relaxing with my favorite people :')
Time to even relax is so rare that it's ridiculous. I'm only 20 sigh. Gonna age so much faster if i continue this way :/

BOXING DAY was spent with my lovely bestfriend, whom I havent met in awhile because we kept going on trips one after another :(
Searched for cafes and we found this which had pretty decent reviews and decided to pay that place a visit. 
It's located at some really deserted area, almost looking like a construction site and we had to walk even further into the construction works around us to find that place. 
Well... it wasnt anything fantastic and I wouldnt want to share anything I don't recommend to you guys. Hahah so im not gonna mention names! But they do serve food that are instagram-worthy lol.

Love my bay bay <3

The next night was spent with my precious TKgirls whom i've missed so dearly. 
I'm loving christmas! So packed with meetups and parties everyday that im stuffing myself so bad and I haven't been eating well.. my skin has been suffering too :(

Stay tuned for my second christmas post! (which will probably be combined with my New Year's Post LOL) 
Don't want to flood you guys with too many updates because it's just so much! Literally i'm having a party every night with the different groups of people. HAHA

YAY! Happy holidays!

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