Clumsy mong

Sunday, December 29, 2013

So this few days I've been really annoyed at myself for being so clumsy... 

Damn irritated because : 

1) I created a huge blister which turned into a big hole at the back of my feet. It hurts like a mother. 

2) My baby toenail dropped off. Completely 

3) I ruined two dresses this morning in a span of 10 mins. First, I spilled foundation all over my pastel yellow dress

4) changed into a new dress and the awesome me tripped over the luggage of clothes on the floor holding a cup of coffee

There, you can imagine how pissed I was because ALL THE COFFEE SPILLED ON ME. And the new dress I jut changed into after a clumsy moment. 


Not to mention that left a huge bruise and cut on my shin too :(

Grrrr. Hahaha anyway, see you guys at the flea today! Will be heading down at around 1.30pm ;) 

It's at F1 Pit Building Level 3 if you guys are not sure!

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