(Lookbook) School Girl + Updates

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Skirt: Wild Daisies
Heels: Jenith
Watch: Tickin'torque

Managed to squeeze some time out this morning to have a mini photo shoot with my daddy. The reason why I love this set of photo so much is because it reminds me of going back to school again. 
No, not university... kinda school. But "school-SCHOOL" when we still had to be in school uniforms.

Don't you think this combination channels a sweet schoolgirl vibe?:)
Nevertheless, i've been really into pairing "clean" looking outfits these days. No more crazy colors like in the past.
Am i growing old or whut? Boo :(

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Finals are drawing nearer each day and there's just so much to do. Seriously cant wait to get my life back.
I've stopped shooting since last Friday and its probably the longest hiatus i've taken from my life as a blogshop model so far (apart from going away to Philippines the other time), and this feeling sucks :'(

Modeling has been such a big part of me that I don't even see it as a job. It's what I do when Im stressed, and shooting gives me the satisfaction and joy that nothing else can really compare to, or give. 
Not to mention blogging too. 
But well, its not the time to give up now, I miss you guys :( 

Will talk to you soon when I come back with more updates on the 30th! 
(Or maybe i'll visit this little space of mine with short updates like these again to tell you guys that I miss ya'll! and remind you guys that youre not forgotten!)

Anyhoooooo, im super excited for Phuket, anyone has any itinerary to share/recommend?
Will really appreciate it if you could send it over to mongchin-@hotmail.com!


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