Dear Dayre #366

Friday, November 22, 2013

Dear Dayre,

I woke up extremely late today and I can't help but beat myself up for it. Despite telling myself I will continue with one more tax chapter when I get home (&didnt) , I thought I'd make it up with more tax in the morning by starting earlier. 

But look at the time now :0 it's almost 12 and I just got ready to head to school. Finals are starting on Monday and there, this weekend is my last stretch. Instead of doing papers like what I ought to, I'm not even done w my revision. Sigh 😥

Look at what finals has done to me, making me panic and all. To all of you lovelies reading this, good morning! 

It's TGIF but I guess it doesn't apply to me this time because I've never been dreading the weekends as much as this time. 

Nevertheless, have a great weekend ahead my dear readers! 

I'm loving Dayre so much because it lets me pen down more heartfelt posts instead (because the blogger mobile app is a bitch). 

And you know what this means guys, follow me on! 

Love and miss all,💋


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