Fancy some mess in your Wardrobe? {Adv: Wardrobemess}

Sunday, November 17, 2013

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How about some mess in your wardrobe, girlies? 

When Wardrobemess first approached me to do an advertorial for them, i was thrilled! Im sure WDM is not an unfamiliar name to you guys right? It sure wasn't to me, at all!

(I was even following them on instagram & had already liked their FB page before they even approached me)
So you guys can imagine how thrilled I was! 

WARDROBEMESS is an online fashion clothing store which offers a wide range of apparels. Collections are also launched weekly.

Well. The one and only reason why I love WDM so much, even prior to working with them is because they bring in clothes that are all so "me"! 
Simply put, I'll gladly buy every single piece they sell if i had the money. 
Because I love their style so much! Plus, they are pretty affordable too! Yay, +++++ Points

Now lets get into business, WDM kindly sponsored me 3 items from their webstore, and the first item I chose was their:

It's actually true to the close up photo of it above, I dont know why it just showed up in black and white on my camera for the first few photos!
Nevertheless, trust me when I say that this has gotta be the prettiest daisy printed piece ive seen! ><
Its not your usually yellow-blue daisies, but a combination of baby pastel pink, light blue, white, pale green and black. Also, I've never seen this piece in any other blogshops either!

I paired it with a black belt with a gold buckle to add a little dressier feel to the entire outfit. 
Because we headed to celebrate our 6th monthsary afterwards so nooooo sloppy mong!
On another note, I think I'll be able to blog about our 6th month celebration soon as some of you have requested it. I'll definitely try my best to do so alright!
 Finals are coming so I don't really have much time on my hands these days

The next two items are totally of a different "feel" from the first. 
I decided to pair both the Pleated Cami Top (Navy) $20.90 together with Knitted Shrug (Grainy) $26.90 for an effortless casual look

It's been raining almost every single day these days... & i dont really enjoy rainy days because they are so dark and gloomy. Not to mention really COLD as well.
So here's my take on a perfect rainy day when you feel too lazy to put that much thought into your outfit for the day! Simply throw on a versatile, clean yet interesting camisole. Some shorts, prints are totally up to you, and finish it off with this comfy knitted shrug. 
Not only does it look really flattering on every body type and skin tones, it is also made of amazing quality. I can forsee myself wearing this to death already!

What are you waiting for! Head over to do some shopping now!
They've just launched a new collection this afternoon so do check them out, I promise you will not be disappointed ^^

Join their mailing list here to receive updates on their exclusive offers, invitation to sales and updates on latest collections!

Quote "mongabong" for complimentary normal postage. 
WDM offers free registered postage with purchases over $60. 

Instagram: @wardrobemess

Will be back with more posts soon! Stay with me lovelies,


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  1. Have you ever bought from them as a customer?

  2. They have super terrible service and are irresponsible with orders. My first buy with them was horrible - received an item that was none like what the model wore. Second buy, paid for 3 items but only received 1, with no explanation of why this was so. HORRIBLE reviews online too, should have done my research before buying.