Review: Whisper COSMO - 3 Innovative Pads Based on Your NEEDS!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Whisper COSMO : 3 Innovative Pads Based on YOUR NEEDS!
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Hey guys! Im pretty sure all of you already know what this post is gonna be about, and yes, its none other than the NEW Whisper Cosmo Pads!
Not sure how many of you actually seen this video commercial on Youtube, ive certainly seen it so many times! And to be honest, I never paid attention to any video commercials on youtube because I always found it so annoying that they had to stop me from watching my videos for the first 15 Seconds?!

Hahaha! So for those who have yet to watch the video, or watched it half-heartedly (like me, oops), you can watch it over here now! 

The company kindly sent over a box of 24CM Heavy Day Wings for me to review on, and specifically told me to try them on to experience it for myself before letting you guys know how it really is!

They didn't want me to only write good stuff about it, but rather they'd really appreciate my true & honest review about their product. They're so confident of it huh! 

So let's begin!


   24 cm with wings

  Designed for when you want to stay active,

  even on your heaviest days. 

Its developed by the Japanese, and you know how they are like with technology!

It's all written in Japanese, but don't worry! I did some research for all of you, haha!
The new Whisper COSMO is the first product with Lactoflex, a new, liquid-based material. 100 researchers were involved in the development of this innovative material. 
“Lactoflex” was developed by women for women It satisfies the 3 criteria that women seek in sanitary products – body fit, absorption and gentleness on skin. The unique structure and material provide you with a level of comfort and freedom never before experienced.

The Whisper COSMO Pads promises 3 things:
  1. 3X more absorbency
  2. 360 Degrees freedom of movement
  3. Incredibly dry & gentle to skin

Let's see if it actually lives up to what it says!

Opening the super pretty and shiny yellow box...

I was so surprised it's so thin! 
Im used to wearing day pads of 24cm in length as well and i've never used one so thin actually.. really skeptical about how it can absorb 3X more? 

I took my regular Day Wings pad, 24CM as well and put it right next to Whisper COSMO's Heavy Day Wings Pad to put them to the test!

Note: This is literally what I use on myself for the past 5 years or so. Never wanted to switch to a different pad because this was what i found to be the best already

As you can see.. Even though its of the same length, and same use (both day wings), my regular pad (Brand X) is wayyy thicker than the COSMO one!

To test for absorbency, I prepared a measuring spoon and a glass of water mixed with pink food coloring, DONT WORRY, ITS FOOD COLORING, NOT BLOOD!
Before anyone starts freaking out and calling me a weirdo LOL

As you can see over here, I laid both pads flat down side by side.
At this point, I realised that I didn't open up the pad fully before indicating the two Pads in marker! (FACEPALM -.-)

But its a blessing in disguise because look what happened next

I opened up the wings of the two pads and went over them in the same marker I used again.
Just look at the difference! Even in the wings ><
COSMO's wings absorbed the ink almost immediately, showing no signs of residue left on top at all, it's surface was also so smooth, unlike Brand X, where you can see some residue of the marker ink on top after writing on it. 
The ink stayed there for more than 2 mins! Even after I took this photo LOL wts. 

Also, there are so many holes on it, shown super clearly after going over in marker. The thin film of plastic over it is the one that usually causes abrasion on our delicate parts! 0.0
And yep, its not smooth at all :(

Filled half a tablespoon with the food coloring mixture..

Tested it out on COSMO first!
Okay dont be frightened about how pink it looks
I immediately stuck my hand in to feel the pad for any unabsorbed liquid, or if it's really as dry as what it promises..

OHMYGOODNESS, it's really SUPER DRY and you can see, my finger came back clean!

Went on to do the same thing on Brand X

Immediately, this was what I captured . Boooo :'(
There were so many water droplets still left on it and I guess it's nuff' said right?
Not as absorbent . Sigh so disappointing why you fail me, Pad?!

Either way, I stuck my finger in for the sake of you guys. HAHAHA AWW

It even stained my finger for 1 day and my nails too. Goodness.

Yes, COSMO wins the absorbency challenge!
It's super nice to write on top of the pad btw, its so absorbent and dry that I could write on top of the supposedly "wet" parts without contaminating my marker even.
What sorcery is this?!

Now, for the Freedom of movement test- AKA Flexibility test

As I previously stuck the two pads onto a piece of A4 paper, you can see how I held the paper in my hands, in a "U" shape (closest to how it would fit on our bodies) 

COSMO actually showed not many visible creases! 
It remained so smooth and flexible throughout- you can only imagine how comfortable it would be on you!

However Brand X on the other hand, failed me again :'(
The number of folds and creases are insane! Really. Look at the photo, it looks so uncomfortable already:( 

Moving on to the next phase of the Flexibility Test, I wanted to see if these pads were able to withstand our tossing and turning throughout the day!

As we can see... COSMO is clearly the winner again! No only does it retain its shape and its flexibility, its also very very smooth with no creasing! 
Brand X on the other hand didn't do too well... apart from it already half-way-falling-off , its creases were huge and deep ! 

Can you imagine all the juicy goodness moving back and forth within it? Ewwww. ahahha

Another thing that I LOVE about Whisper COSMO pads is its Packaging!
You can definitely see lots of funds being pumped into making it look so nice and "ATAS"
Plus!!! It has a slot that allows you to close the opening by simply slotting it in. You know how we have to stick our fingers in and tear a hole using our nails with the ordinary pads packaging?
And how we sometimes break our nails in the midst of it?
AND HOW sometimes we accidentally tear such a biggg hole that all the pads will start falling out and there's NO WAY of SALVAGING it because it's already torn?????!

Yep! Hahaha I know it doesnt call for so much drama la, but you get what I mean. WHEEE
Box of 10 - $6.50

Other than this (yellow boxed, day wings 24cm), they have many other pads developed for other days too!


   27cm with wings

  Designed to wear during days or nights

  for added protection.
Box of 10 - $7.90

   Night/Extra heavy-flow
   30cm with wings

  Designed for night protection, so you can 

  get your full night’s beauty sleep. 
Box of 10 - $8.90

So yes! I think after today I wont be reverting back to using my old pads anymore, the Whisper Cosmo pads are really worth the hype and worth everything they promised! 
I know i shouldnt be so excited over pads la but it's only once a month and that time of the month is when we need the most pampering and love, right ?:) 

*Hint boyfriends*

I'll be giving away 50 sets of Whisper COSMO pads to my first 50 readers!
Simply fill in your particulars in the widget ---> & receive one to try out now!

Whisper COSMO pads can be found in all pharmacies and supermarkets starting September 2013 
All products were sponsored by Whisper Singapore


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