Day 330

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dear Dayre,

It's day 2 of finals! Realised I didn't update you guys on how my first paper went yesterday. Well.. It was ok! Didn't have time to even start / end the first part of it well, but hopefully the second part of the paper can make up for it.

Also realized I haven't been posting quality posts on Instagram/blog or even here on Dayre:( so sorry! 

No selfies ESP cause my face is in such a horrible state now with all the lack of sleep & I can't be bothered to really dress up nicely either

Really need a lot a lot of sleep right now, and I wonder if ill ever get enough sleep once all this is over. 

So packed with all the shoots I've missed with all my favorite blog shop owners 😘😘❤️ hehe! I'm not complaining tho, not a bad thing. 

Also, I'm planning to do eyelash extensions, anybody has anywhere to recommend somewhere cheap and good?👍



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