Food Post: Nana's Green Tea

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hello guys! Im back with another food post & another AWESOME food place to recommend!
I was kindly invited to the food tasting at Nana's Green Tea Cafe last wednesday and boy, you guys don't know how thrilled I actually was to be invited.
 Not only because it was my first food tasting experience as a blogger, but also because i've walked past Nana's Green Tea Cafe way tooo many times and i've always wanted to try it!
So glad I got to try it that day, really no regrets. I'd definitely visit this place again soon, and probably bring more people along with me as well! 

Weiying, (the PR in-charge) invited me to have this food tasting session with her over lunch time, and all thanks to her, I got to try the best dishes from this lovely cafe :) 
She patiently explained to me the different kinds of matcha and how each kind was done. Really an eye opener! I certainly didn't know that Matcha had so many versions to suit sooo many tastebuds. hahaha noob!

If you guys have walked past nana's green tea before, you'll surely see this signboard with the crazy number of green tea/matcha drinks they make. I had a hard time choosing which to go with because all looked so delish from the menu. 

Something I learnt from reading their extensive and informational menu. 
Wei Ying highly recommended this UJI Matcha ($7.50) drink to all Matcha lovers out there! It's apparently super good, and it's also brewed with super fine and top quality matcha!

"Hoji-Cha" Simply means "Roasted Green Tea"
Go for the drinks under this category if you're a fan of having a little smoky caramelized taste in your green tea!

So guess what drink I chose in the end?:) 
It's none other than the Matcha Shiratama Slushy ($9) 
Matcha Slushy Topped with matcha ice cream and mochi

To be very frank, I got this drink because I was craving for mochi so badly that day! 
And since I was already having mochi balls in my drink, why not top it up with ice-cream as well? It's not any less sinful anyway..
Hahaha i know i should probably keep my warped food logic to myself hahahah LOL! 


Salmon Carpaccio ($8.80)
One of my favorite dishes that day. Im sure my love for sashimi is not a surprise to any of you ;) But imagine, for appetizers, drenched with sesame oil and citrus sauce?! Best part, for the price, you get really thick slabs of JUICY salmon sashimi.

Next appetizer, 

Chicken Karaage ($6.80)
A simple common dish that was not too bad. The chicken was crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside.
Perfect for fried food junkies like me! (Y)


Gyu Shabu Goma Dare Udon ($15.80)
Cold Udon, served with thinly sliced beef in special sesame base sauce.
My first reaction would be like any of yours, im sure. WHAT?! Noodles in sesame "soup"? No wayy...
But I couldn't turn Weiying down because she highly recommended this dish and she looked so excited to get it, I just couldnt say no. 
Well, im so glad i didn't because this was awesome!~
Will definitely get this dish again when I visit Nana's Green Tea :) The sesame sauce was light, not too creamy... and really fragrant. The sesame flavor complimented the beef slices and cold udon really well, surprisingly.

Next up, 

Ebi Fried Curry Udon ($14.80)
This however was meh, it was pretty normal, nothing really spectacular. Kidna disappointed because it had three stars for this dish!
Perhaps because we left it untouched for too long that the shrimps got a little soggy that they lost their crunch. HMMM~
What a pity actually:/

The last part, and the BEST PART!!! 
Dessert!!!! By the time we went through all the food shown above, mind you, it was just the two of us, we were already sooo full we could barely walk. But! 
NOBODY LEAVES this place without trying their desserts!!

As much as I really wanted to try more desserts there, my stomach barely had enough space for one. So we had to choose wisely :/
Decided to go for their Matcha "Gateaux Chocolat" Parfait ($13.80)

This consists of: Kanten Jelly with Matcha syrup, soft serve Vanilla ice cream, crunchy cornflakes, red bean paste, a scoop of delish matcha flavored ice cream, waffle biscuit, whipped cream, a slice of Matcha Gateaux Chocolate cake, topped off with more matcha syrup.

I thought this was pretty value for money! For the price you pay, you get all of this. And trust me, its big enough for a family of 4 to share one portion, especially if desserts are taken at the end of the meals.
Both of us barely reached 1/3 of the cup LOL! Nevertheless, I'd recommend this to everyone! 
Especially all ice cream and matcha lovers out there. It'd be good for people who likes pretty food to make good instagram photos too! Hhaaha

Me going "oh no.. how to finish" 

Nana's Green Tea Cafe is located at:
68 Orchard Road, #03-80/81/82
Plaza Singapura

A big thank you to Nana's Green Tea and Weiying for the invitation!:)
You guys sure know how to feed me fat fat fat!

P.S more blog posts coming your way this week! Sorry for the hiatus guys, mid terms just ended for me so.. Im back! (Y)

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  1. Your blog is really pretty!

    I've been to Nana's Green Tea last Friday and love their green tea lots! Also, the food served are very healthy (i.e. millet rice) which provides us with a guilt-free and enjoyable dining experience !

    For my version of the review, pls visit soon :)