How I get fat + Hello mello!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello guys!
How are you all? Haha why do I always sound so stupid whenever I do this.. I probably should stop talking to you guys as if you all can answer me :(
Anywhowwwwwww... if you've been following me closely, you will know that I've been EATING non-stop!!! LIKE NOT EVEN KIDDING
I dont even dare stand on the weighing scale now:( plus my mid terms are not over yet so eating + studying + not sleeping as much = fat :/
I dont even have the time to workout anymore :( feels like studying for A levels all over again. And in no time, you'll see a fat blob . A.K.A me :'(
I need someone to teach me how to resist food! I seriously need to stop overeating too. Why can't I just stop salivating every time I see good food?! and even when I'm already feeling full, my mind will just tell me to keep going and I just wont stop. Even when I'm already full -.-

Alright besides ranting, i'll be sharing with you guys in this post ALL THE GOOD FOOD I HAD! 

First stop:

Tim Ho Wan! 
I guess everyone is familiar with this place right?:) So im gonna keep it short.
So glad we only had to queue for 10 mins that day. For those who want to try but dont want to queue, be like us! Go on a weekday night, around 9pm and you wont have to queue for that long! Woohoo

Here are my two favourites from there, though I wish they served more items:(

Second Stop: Symmetry

Ahhh where do I even start? This place really lives up to its hype. One of the best cafes I've tasted honestly! Esp for their eggs and their portobello Yummmm~~
However we had to wait for pretty long for us to get our seats, even though we indicated that we were fine with bar seats and it was just the two of us. 
Cant imagine how much longer the bigger groups of people had to wait before they could get seated! :O 

Truffle fries were not bad, and pretty generous!

The bill summed up to $70+ for the 3 dishes we ordered. Two mains + truffle fries.
Not the cheapest, obviously. But it was my bestfriend's birthday and the food was really good, cant wait to head over again!

Third Stop: Good Year Seafood Village

This place was rated pretty high on hungrygowhere so we decided to head over there for mommy's birthday celebration with my relatives. 
It's at some really ULU place along tampines ave, and I swear I've never seen any place more "kampong" than this place in singapore!

There were literally stray mongrels running about, and the roads were pretty rocky and shit. Hahaha the lengths we'd go for good food. (Y) Nevertheless, it's a pretty famous restaurant and their food was indeed good! 

Asam fish head was da bomb

Love the egg, hate the oyster. EW hahaha oysterssss

Ahhh yummmmm chilli crabbbbb

Fourth stop: Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao Buffet (Holland V)

Had a private birthday celebration for mommy with just our family alone, and we decided to go for Crystal Jade's XLB Buffet (again). I think I have this like so many times a year, almost every occasion! (sister's bday, mom's dad...) hahah!

Didn't think their food was thatttt good, but I thought it's pretty value for money?
It came up to about $30 each for a weekday buffet dinner, but it comes with free flow XLB, desserts and drinks! 
Also the usual meat, veg, fishballs etc. Hahaha SO DAMN FULL THAT DAY

Went for my second buffet two days after at Sukiya because Matt loves it. AND ANOTHER BUFFET two days after at Todai, MBS.
Didn't bring my camera out that day and i was too busy eating to take photos, but if you're interested, you can check their website out!
The spread was MASSIVE. really massive. I think it has the biggest buffet spread i've seen in my life not kidding.
Imagine all the weight I put on after this whole week of birthdays and buffet... :(

Please no more buffets for my birthday coming up in 3 days time !!! D: 


Enough about food, let's now talk about SHOPPING!

This time, I'll be featuring 3 outfits that was kindly given to me by Hello Mello!
Apart from its SUPER cute name ^^ , Hello Mello also provides excellent service to their customers! Their products are all made of really good quality and the best part, they are pretty affordable too! SO YAY to pocket friendly shopping! 

#1: Double Pocket Blouse

I loveeeee how versatile this piece is, It's made of chiffon, and it's super lightweight.
Simply fold it down on colder days!

#2 Cream Lace Romper

#3 Hearts Button Cardigan 

A light weight cardigan featuring really old school details.
Love how stripes and the whole tying-cardigan-around-waist look is coming back in trend now! 
BEST PART, it's only $19

The team at Hello Mello has also made Collection 3 really affordable so as to make your shopping experience with them more enjoyable:)

For your fashion fix, visit:
Instagram: Shophellomello

Thank you guys for all your support! I hope you all will still love me even if i were to get fat and chubby :( 
Also, just wanna tell you guys how grateful I am for leaving all the sweet and encouraging words on my! I'll definitely try to improve on my video skills and YES, THE QUALITY as well (face palm) 
Hahah but either way, thank you for watching ok! So afraid nobody will watch it:( 

Lots of love,

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