Wednesday, October 23, 2013

As many of you have already known, I turned 20 last thursday! 
Been having mixed feelings about growing a year older actually, don't know if I should be happy or not because 1) im no longer a teen 2) I'm getting closer to being an adult 
And being an adult means more responsibilities, more worries, more wrinkles, lower metabolism rate etc.
However, growing a year older also means more control over my life, and becoming wiser and more mature.

Well, the fact that we all have to grow up and eventually, grow old one day, so we just gotta learn how to embrace it and age beautifully don't we?:)

My birthday this year was certainly the BEST BIRTHDAY i've ever had. Really. I always thought that nothing would match up to the birthday I had when I was 15. When I was still in my happy green uniform, being a happy go lucky TKGirl who had everything she needed. 
She had nothing much to really worry about in her life (O levels were 1 year away then) either.

My 15th was the best birthday I ever had (till this year, of course)
To cut the story short, I never enjoyed birthdays as I grew older each year. And i'm sure many of you who've known me since my Smilelikeidiots days, will know that I was always sad. And I HATE/DETEST/ birthdays. Yeah, pretty hardcore some might say.

Never looked forward to my birthdays because I knew that all my friends would treat me like a princess that day, and I hated it. I used to think about how I was a screwed up mess, and that my birthday was the day a "mistake" like me was created. 
"So.. what's there to celebrate?"
The more people wanted to celebrate this "fateful" day, the more I detested it. And nobody really understood why I always cried whenever someone wants to celebrate my birthday for me, and why I protested so strongly against any form of birthday party. 

Well, this year is a little different. It's like a new "me" was born again :)
A birthday surprise was planned for me when I least expected it. I never had a birthday surprise planned for me before, and the last time I had a party was almost  a decade ago - I suppose my friends were all too scared that i'd get upset if they were to do something "big" for me. 

At about 11:55pm on the previous night, Matt told me to get changed and that he was going to bring me to somewhere to take a walk. I didn't want to move initially because I was so comfortable in my PJs and all lazing around in bed. But he managed to convince me either way because I knew he didn't want to spend the first minute of my birthday with me just lazing in bed.

I asked if I needed to put on any make up, and he said "no need, I'm going like this", pointing to his singlet + berms, unstyled hair, and geeky specs. So I was like "alright, I guess he's bringing me to some ulu place without many people since he's so vain and he never ever leaves the house in spectacles.
I was convinced. Upon reaching the car, he told me to put on a blindfold and if I didn't want to ruin the surprise for myself, I would stop asking about where we were going. So the car ride took about 20 mins (which was super long btw) and he deliberately took so many turns and detours to make sure I didn't know he was driving us back to my place (which was only 5 mins away).
When we reached our destination, he told me he'd carry me in his arms because it was so difficult for me to walk with the blindfold on. On the way there, I actually heard the sound of the "waves" (it was actually the pool LOL) and I thought we were at ECP! Hahahaha. Okay but that's besides the point. 
Soon, I was down on my feet again and was allowed to remove my blindfold. There, stood the prettiest fairy lights, my sister, and all my closest girlfriends with the big ice-cream cake i've been wanting to have again since I was 15. 

They sang a birthday song for me and it was honestly, the most beautiful, well-planned and most unexpected birthday surprise anyone has ever given me. So thankful to my bestfriend and boyfriend for taking time out to see me happy, and to give me the first and best birthday surprise yet:)

If you're reading this, I love both of you!! <3333

Some visual vomit from that night, really... Pardon the cui face and the bad lighting. 
It was super late at night and I was really tired by then. Plus we only had fairy lights hung around the place and candles lit up for the photos!

A big thank you to everyone who came down to the birthday surprise. I love every single one of you and all of you are the closest people to my heart that I'll never want to lose or replace!

Unboxing my gifts from them were all super exciting as well! 

I received lotssss of food, each of them lovingly tagged with personalized notes. Hehe
My friends know me so well, they know that buying food as a gift can't go any wrong since its me. LOL

A white bag from Charlesandkeith that i've been wearing to death lately. Stay tuned to my outfit lookbooks and captures and you will know what I mean!

A pandora bracelet from my lovely bestfriend Bay, who really didn't have to, but still went ahead anyway because she thought I deserved to own one. Awwww xoxo

And from the best boyfriend,

Hand folded bouquet of my favorite blue roses that he took so long to complete :')

A pair of chanel earrings that I casually passed a comment one day on someone wearing it, saying it looked so elegant and pretty. And he actually went to get it for me :')

This was me trying it on for the first time on the next day when we went to my favorite restaurant for my birthday meal.
"When you love someone, you'll do anything to see her happy" 
awwwww :D 

But that having said! We don't usually splurge on each other, and he knew I'd feel so bad and stressed because he got me such an expensive gift, so we agreed that this big gift includes our 6th/1st year anniversary gift as well, haha:)

We spent the entire day of my actual birthday itself baking ROSE MACAROONS! 
We've always wanted to try baking macaroons but never found the time to do so. And plus! people always told us how difficult it was and how its almost impossible to get it right just at the first try. But we did it! Woohoo!!! 
It was so delish that i ate about 20 at one go, im not even kidding. That left me with a really bad throat for the rest of the week though it was really worth every sweat, every minute and every pain in my throat!!!!! (Y)

This video actually got soooo many likes its insane. Perhaps not alot for other people la, but >1k likes is alot for me already! hehe

Headed to Ice Edge Cafe at Simon Road that night. I wanted somewhere I really LOVED, that serves food that we both really like. Didn't see the point in splurging on a fancy fine dining meal when I could be more satisfied with having my favorite buffalo wings of all time :)

Buffalo wings- This is really orgasmic. ORGASMIC 

The food was reasonably priced, (not very cheap imo, pretty ex for a cafe in a neighborhood area, but it's really really good)
We paid about $70 for all that we ordered! SO YUMS AND SO FULL. Salivating at the thought of the wings, godddddd I neeed to have it again. 

Ice Edge Cafe is located at: 
2 Kovan Road, Simon Plaza

(P.s im not paid to write this haha)

So yes! This is basically how I spent my 20th birthday this year, and even though it's not alot, It's more than enough for me. Having all my closest friends with me this year, with my ever-loving and supportive bestfriend and boyfriend too, there really isn't much I can ask for.
So thankful and grateful to all my readers who wished me through Instagram/twitter/FB too! 

Gonna enjoy the rest of the year and all my my food LOL 

Have a great mid week ya'll, stay tuned for my second lookbook video soon!

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