Fall Make-Up Look + Video!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I'm back again guys! Today with a Make up VIDEO TOO! So read on if you want to know what's this all about :)
So a few weeks back, I was contacted by the OFES Magazine team, for a feature in their magazine!
But hold up! This is not your normal magazine interview, but they've made the usual boring ones more interesting by adding a surprise element to it. Every issue, they will send a mystery gift to whichever blogger they are featuring, asking them to pair/style the mystery gift however they want. I thought it was such a great idea, made me look forward to it so much more :)

Now guess what mystery gift I received in my inbox?:) 
Well.. the season just transited into Fall (Not in singapore, MEH..) so what other than an orange lip gloss by NYX! Its in the shade Cherry Cheese Cake.
Thumbs up for the super cute name!

Orange lips are super in trend now, and they are especially perfect for fall! Because fall is all about wearing deep dark colored clothing, we can all match it with a pop of color on our lips to accentuate them more without having to look like a walking disco ball ><

The thing about orange lip colors is that not everyone will be able to rock a certain kind of orange shade. Just like a red lipstick, orange lip colors have different undertones to them, and different people suit them differently depending on their skin color.
As for me, I found that my tan skin suit the colder undertones better whenever I buy my lipsticks/lip glosses, and I actually like having colder tones on my lips! 

Don't be scared away by the brightness of the orange like I did because it's actually pretty sheer (Its a lipgloss!) and with careful pairing, you will be able to achieve the best shade that compliments your skin!

So this is how I did my make up that day. I wanted the focus to be on the brows, eyes and lips alone so I kept the rest of my make up pretty sheer and simple! Also, to achieve a more wearable "Everyday Look", I decided to tone down the orange with a bluish undertone lip lacquer, as seen in the video! 
So keep watching to see how I completed my make up look for that day:)

PS it's my first time doing a voiceover video, so pardon me for the amateur skills. Also, I wanted to go for a thick brow look, which looked even thicker in the video (I have no idea why either). So just a disclaimer before people start saying that my brows are wayyy too thick etc. Haha! I like the thick brow look and it's precisely what im trying to achieve.. It didn't turn out to be too bad after all, *refers to the photographs taken outdoors*
You guys can tone it down by just simply filling in your brows naturally if you wish, its all up to you :) 

 Here are the remaining pictures! 
It's amazing how the trees in singapore are also so cooperative with the whole "leaves-falling-Fall-feel" Hehe!

Dress/Shades/Hat: Bangkok
Heels: Love,Bonito
Necklace: Tiffany & co.

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