Carlo Rino Winter 2013 Collection

Monday, October 07, 2013

Hey guys!

I was kindly invited by Carlo Rino to attend their very own private media event last Friday, where  I got to feel and see their upcoming Winter Collection up close first hand!
It was my first time attending such an event (actually not my first, but first time as a blogger)! 

Thank god for such a wonderful opportunity! And I had to agree to go because i was so excited to see what good stuff Carlo Rino is brining to us this Winter. 

The rest of the entry will be filled with pictures, and lots of food! 
I didn't take too many photos of the new collection, mainly because I was too distracted by the food table, and I was too star struck checking the other celebrities and bloggers out :X oops!

We were given this lucky draw number, and it was so beautifully designed and laminated in pink!
It's a pity I didn't stay till the end for the lucky draw.. I wonder if i won anything. Hehe

Champagne was served as well and they were so generous with them, thank you sponsors for the night for making me save money for dinner, WOOOHOO!

A photo of the food table, with a few chefs and serving us the best food

Surprise Surprise, the first thing I went for was their food!

Jara Petit was one of the sponsors that night, and boy, their little cheese cups are to-die-for
They were extremely rich and creamy, but not too sweet as well! Dont get me wrong, Jara Petit didn't pay me to write this. It was so good that I had a few of them and all I have to say is that it does taste as good as it looks!

Now moving on to featuring some bags from their new Winter collection this coming season, the first thing that caught my eye was this Studded beanie bagpack! 
Im like what?! Studs x Quilt ?! Just Look at how seamless this combination is, perfect for school, and it's so versatile!

Not a fan of bag packs? Dont worry! Carlo Rino's got it all covered ;)

Before I moved on to look at the other bags, I got tempted by the food bar and I went back to grab more food, again.

This time, I managed to snap a more complete photo of what was provided that day, apart from the Jara Petit Cups, there were other finger food and tarts sponsored kindly by Saybons as well!
It was my second time trying food from Saybons, the first was at their restaurant located at the basement of Plaza Singapura, and I must say it still gave me goosebumps after I took my first sip of their very own Cream of Mushroom soup!

Saybons is also very famous for their Escargot, where they have this platter of escargots cooked in different flavors available at an affordable price at their restaurant.
So don't forget to check them out!

Now back to bags again, so sorry my tummy keeps distracting me :(

The following bag is my favorite out of the lot that day! It's quilted as well, made of leather and its bright colors are just so vibrant and cheery :) It's made of really good quality and its firm and sturdy, I don't even think there were stuffings in the bag I was holding! 
Look at how the leather has allowed the bag to hold its shape:) 

Apart from showcasing Carlo Rino's latest collection of bags, shoes and accessories, Etude House was also invited to share their latest products and there was even a free make up booth where the models did their make up at! 
Didn't get to snap a good photo of that super princess-y decorated Pink-colored booth because it was pretty crowded:(

How do you like my new bow headband ? ^^
Now its time for the runway show and oh my goodness, the models were all professional models who were flown in from all over the world! 
Im not even kidding, and please believe me when I say they were at least almost 1.9m tall with their heels. THEY WERE TOWERING EVERYONE AND THEIR LEGS ARE ALL SO SKINNY AND NEVERENDING.
Just kept my mouth open the whole time Im serious. Haha! I love looking at pretty girls!
My favorite model that day! She's got such a pretty smile and she's super duper tall and she walks damn well. Oh dayummmmm.
Im sorry I dont know her name so you guys only have this pathetic picture over here to eye candy :( HAHA

And after that, guess what we did... No prizes for getting it right hahah

YES! BACK TO FOOD AGAIN!!! Woohooo!!!~
And yes! That was the end of our 2 hours there, and to end off, here's a photo with my handsome date for the day. So glad they allowed me to bring a plus one if not i'll be too starstruck to talk to anyone there! 
They are all so up there and im like the noobest. hahaha but either way Im superrr grateful to everyone that have made this possible! 

Headed to bux afterwards to unwrap to see what we got in our goodie bags! Which were super huge by the way. hahaha!!

Doesn't it look like he's wearing a bow tie? ><

Here's what we found in the goodie bag! A mini Studded Beanie Bagpack Thumb Drive! Lets take a moment to appreciate this cute thing awww~~
Love how much effort Carlo Rino put in to even design their thumbdrive ! How often do we get that really!! hahaha

Other goods in the goodie bag.. I got a carlo rino Make up pouch as well that is sooo pretty. Cant wait to use all of it, wheeee~~

Hahah that's the end of it! Still feeling so happy and I cant believe how blessed I am in my journey thus far. 
I know i've still got a long way to go but im so thankful for every opportunity given to me. Thank you Carlo Rino for believing in me and for inviting me to such an eye-opening event! 

Have a great week ahead lovelies,

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