My Ideal Kind of Guy

Sunday, September 29, 2013

My ideal kind of guy

Hey guys! I guess here's the post I promised a long time ago, so sorry it took me so long as well. Been pretty busy living my life as a SMU student :'(

Now here goes!

To be honest, I don't really know what my "ideal" guy is. Or rather, I don't know how to put everything into words. I know everyone has an ideal image of how they wish their boyfriends/girlfrriends will be like. But thats not me.
I'm weird like that. It's just like how I can have so many eye-candies but I'll never want to date them. Like NEVER. You guys will know why as you read! 
Please stay with me yeah? I know it's gonna be pretty boring because its gonna be all words and no pictures (who the hell has pictures of their ideal guy anyway) 

  #1: Filial piety
I am a strong believer of finding a guy that is filial to his parents because I don't see how a man who doesn't honor his parents can respect me, or my friends and more importantly my parents.
I might not be the closest to my parents, but I honor them and pray for them all the time.
As much as I don't say or show my affection towards them (because of how we were brought up),  deep down inside I know how much I wish I could be close to them and be able to display my love for them through actions and words. I do love them very much and I can't imagine going a day without them in my life.

#2: Meticulous
I'm usually turned off by guys who'd bring me to the most expensive places, shower me with the most expensive gifts. Because I've always believed that if they were so rich and generous, they can simply do the same things to every other girl. Besides, if a guy is so smooth with whatever he does, it simply tells me that he's too experienced with such tactics. And that spells trouble if i were to fall in love with him.
On top of that, it will also reflect how little these guys know about me. Those who know me will know that I dont own many branded things. Not because I don't like them, but because I know i'm still young and I believe in buying things for myself with the money I earn. Im well aware that as of now, there isn't a need for me to get those bags or branded goods. Im happy with my inspired bags and wallets and clothes etc.
So in my opinion, a guy that is meticulous will be able to pick out the things I love most. They'd know that im a hopeless "tumblr girl" that likes the cheapest gifts. Hahaha
Perhaps a handwritten card, a little post-it stuck on my laptop or in my books to remind me to take a break or not to forget to smile. Or a simple gesture like hiding some of my favorite macaroons in my locker would suffice, and make me feel like the happiest girl alive.
You know how certain types of girls like guys that notice the littlest of details? Like what she wore today, or what she's always been carrying, or if he remembered the cup of Gongcha she said she was craving for a few days ago.
Im that kind of girl :) And I love it when people remember things that I least expect them to remember:)

#3 Not too good looking
Yes your eyes got that right, they are not playing tricks on you!
People always go "Stop lying" when I tell them looks don't even play 1% of the part when I look for a partner. Im not even kidding! It doesn't and I can safely say so.
In fact, the less good looking at first glance, the better!
I hate to have to vie for attention, or have to protect my man (HAHAH "my man") lol. Yeah you get what I mean.
To me, I believe that looks come along with how much you know a person , their personalities and character. Even if he's the ugliest person in the world to everyone else, and if i know that he's got a beautiful personality, he will eventually grow to become good looking to me, if not the most good-looking person in my eyes.
On the other hand, if a guy was born good looking from the start, he probably would have been getting attention from girls all his life. And we know how everyone likes the attention. So if i were to stop giving him the attention he wanted, he'd start looking for it elsewhere, and there will be so many girls That are willing to give him the attention because he's good looking.
Its a vicious cycle, imo. So lets just save ourselves the trouble and not be attracted to good looking people just because of how they look. More importantly, looks will deteriorate with age but character wouldn't :)

#4 Not too smart
Hahhaa! Dont laugh. I'm not the kind of girl that likes to be told what to do. I get annoyed at people that try to dictate my life and advise me on how I should live. Unless its a wake up call that I need la.
But other than that, I can't stand it if a guy tries to impose his views on me because he's smart.
Im sorry but thats the kind of feeling I get from really smart people. Because they have been right all their life, they see everything else that doesn't conform to their thoughts as wrong.
However for this trait, I'd say there are people in this world who are not like the above stereotype! Matt is smart and he doesnt try to dictate my life. So yay all's good :) This is just a general trait I notice in people, just sayin (Y)

#5 Christian
I'm not trying to preach over here but I see the importance in having my partner as someone who has the same belief and religion. More often than not, the way I live, or the way I behave is pretty much centered around God, and so it'll be hard if I were to have someone with different beliefs.
Made a few mistakes along the way and dated some guys who did not share the same beliefs as I did and I backslided- I stopped going to church, and I stopped seeing the importance of it as well. I guess another reason why it's a MUST for me now is because I know how it feels like to backslide and I don't want to go back there again.

#6 Supportive
Nothing beats knowing that whatever you do, there will always be someone behind rooting for you and cheering you on. Someone to be there to catch you when you fall, and encourage you to try again when you're feeling dejected.
Some people will be able to do all these by themselves. Pick themselves up again, try again and again. But I know i'm not that strong.
Probably because i've always been taught to be independent my whole life, I know how much of a relieve it is to just have someone there to help you. And even if they can't be of any help, at least be there to lend a listening ear and comfort you when needed.

#7 Romantic
Well, this is talking about my Ideal guy right? hahahah meaning everything I mentioned above were what I hope to find in my boyfriend or future husband.
To be honest, this is a trait I don't mind not having, but it'll be good if my guy actually possessed this. Being the typical tumblr girl that I am, romantic gestures are my weaknesses.
I blame watching/reading "A Walk to Remember" too much, so much that my image of my ideal guy was always Landon Carter from the movie. He was badass, couldn't care a thing about anyone. But he met this one girl, a girl that he never thought he'd ever fall for. He did eventually, and he changed his life for her. Went the extra mile just to see her happy, to fulfill her every wish and want.
Can't really draw a strong link between Landon Carter and being romantic, but his name was the first that came to my head the moment I thought about the word "romantic" so I guess I'll just pen it down under this. Hahaha
Basically, I'm a girl that likes taking long walks by the beach with my boyfriend, have a picnic enjoy a glass of champagne, fly kites, lay under the stars and think about our lives together.
I love roses, and chocolates too, and I hope my guy enjoy doing all these with/for me!

#8 Takes pride in how he looks
I know i said previously that i dont want my boyfriend to be too looking. But no im not contradicting myself over here. To me, there are so many ways to look good. How you carry yourself is one, taking pride in how you look or smell is another. Its not your fault if you're not born good looking, but if you don't bother to improve on how you look (ie with fashion or make up), or don't bother with how you carry yourself, then thats no excuse.
I'd want my guy to take pride in how he looks, he should know how to dress appropriately, and put some thought into the things he wear. I personally don't think people should go to town or whatever dressed in their pjs and slippers, unless they live there. So yep, that having said, i'll really appreciate it if my guy can be someone who takes pride in how he looks:)
Going on to smell... I'd say smell is one of the most important things that I look for in a guy. A guy that takes pride in how he smells. hehee
Simply put, guys that smell nice are yummers. LOL

#9 Frequency 
I think this is needless to say right? It applies for everyone. to friends, lovers and even their ideal guy. Perhaps what I really meant was to have a TELEPATHIC guy. hahah! Simply because having the same frequency with my ideal guy is such a DUH" trait. Juz kidding.
But yeah, my ideal will be someone that knows me inside out, and I know him too. So much so he knows what im thinking and he thinks the same way too! That'll save lots of trouble and risk having miscommunications haha.

#10 Responsible
Having a man who I know I can count on at the end of the day is very important. I feel that besides having a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, it is important to have someone in our lives that is focused and can guide me along the way.
I tend to be lazy and slipshot in the things I do sometimes, and I'm well aware of it. So I constantly need someone to give me the extra push along the way, to be my motivation and pillar of strength. I like guys who would take charge and BE RESPONSIBLE for the decisions they make. Being responsible, to me, is to really consider the consequences before they were to do anything silly. Such as picking up smoking or doing anything illegal that might put them in undesirable situations.
For example, smoking to me is irresponsible because it's something that one can live without, and its a choice people make. If he chooses to smoke, he'll be putting MY and everyone's health at risk too, then its irresponsible.
It'll make his parents worry and upset, too, and that's irresponsible.
But don't get me wrong, I have a lot of friends who smoke and Im not despising them or anything. Its just not an "ideal" trait to me, and I don't wish my future husband to be a smoker, and worse, father my kids that way. 
Thats all! Better clear things up before I start getting flamed hahaha
 A person that smokes doesn't make him a bad person.

So yep! I think thats pretty much it! It's funny how I've never dated anyone close to having all these traits before. Perhaps that's why they are called "ideal", and nobody's perfect. However!!!
I'd say Matt is the closest to all the above mentioned! Apart from the minor things like he's really smart etc.

It's not easy to accept that he's so smart academically (I know im weird) because I feel so inferior all the time whenever I see him excelling so well in the things he do and im just ... there.
Wonder if there's anyone out there who understand what i'm saying?
But yeah. I'm happy that my boyfriend is like that and it's something good so I shouldn't be so anal about it and be happy for what he's achieved so far :')
It's also so funny how Matt is so meticulous when it comes to me because he's definitely the last person I thought will be meticulous when it comes to people!
For those of you who watched our Boyfriend Tag video, you guys will know that he actually answered quite a lot of questions correctly! I was honestly so amused by how much he knew and noticed about the little details about me :')
Oh and just to add, the example I used about hiding macaroons in my locker to surprise me because I was having a hectic week at school was a real life example too. He really did it for me. AWWWW :') hahahaha!

So happy and so touched. There really isnt a need for anyone more "ideal" for me right now!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and Im sorry for the lack of updates these days. Been busy preparing for midterms next week.
Hope everyone's doing well and I'll ttys <3


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