24.10.13 - OOTD + rants

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thought I'll show you guys more visuals of my outfit today, it was simple, casual and comfortable.
Definitely what I'd go for, anytime. And yes, I love my shorts and sneakers hehe
I've been so into basics with a twist lately, they totally transform an entire outfit with just a few little details added, don't they?

Loving this set of photos shot by my talented daddy. So many people just can't believe how a man in his mid 50s can produce such photos. Well, my dad can! hahaha ><

Shorts: BKK
Shoes : Sperry Top Sider (got them at Leftfoot)

Anyhow, I'm finally less busy today so I found the time to edit some photos to show you guys! 
The next few days are gonna be a little more busy as my projects and assignments get more challenging. Not to mention the datelines I've to meet. Sigh.
Another thing, there's been something I've been contemplating for a really really long time, and just when I'm about to switch course (because I don't think accountancy suits me), i'm faced with soooo many restrictions. It's just so disappointing and discouraging sigh. It actually took me so much courage to actually come to terms with how much I actually disliked my course, and now im not allowed to switch. 
Im stuck now - with this shitty course. And I wished I hadn't fed myself with the thoughts that i'd be better off doing something else instead. 
There's probably no turning back now :/ 


Okay, I should probably end off this entry with a happy photo of myself and my fishball cheeks.


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