October Lookbook #2 ( Ruby-rouge, Grasiva & More!)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello everyone! Finally found the time to edit and compile the little bits and pieces I managed to capture over the past 2 weeks. 
Some outfits might be familiar to you guys, but that's because i've posted them up on my instagram (@mongabong) or blogged before. So bear with me yeah!
Decided to make the second lookbook a lot shorter this time, because I was pretty lazy. hahaha! Nah im kidding. But because we didn't take too many details of the outfits :( 
Didn't know it was gonna make such a huge difference in the length of the video! However, I kinda prefer it short and sweet, what do you guys think?
It's week 10 now and Im swamped with work, projects, and assignments. After these 2 weeks of presentations and ridiculous submissions, its time to mug for finals. Goodness.

Really cant wait for my Phuket trip at the end of the year! CANT WAIT.
I will also be doing a few advertorial shoots over at Phuket as I don't wanna miss the beautiful sunset and lovely beaches over there! 
It'd be such a pity if i didn't make full use of it right?
 I'll be opening up about 10 slots for advertorials, interested blogshops can email me at mongchin-@hotmail.com to enquire and book your slots!

Now back to the lookbook,
Some Visuals in still frames from the video:
Look #1
Look #2
Crop top + Maxi Skirt set : Gifted
Bag: Birthday gift! (Charles and Keith)
Sandals: BKK
Look #3
 Lace Dress: Grasiva
Heels: Gmarket
Bracelets: Mom's and Pandora from my Bestfriend
This look was unfortunately not featured in the video!
Dress: Grasiva
Heels: Gmarket
Bag: C&K
Shades: BKK
Loving how the back of this dress offers a little "Peek-a-boo" ! It's sexy, yet not too revealing.
PLUS! Normal bras can be worn with this and be hidden sooo well under the perfect cut of this dress. Decided to go simple with this outfit and accessorised with some white and black. 
Look #4
Classy & appropriate
Dress: Grasiva
Heels: Gojane
Clutch: Gift
Really gotta love www.grasiva.com for dressing me up so well, and for turning me into (looking) like a fine young lady. My parents are all so in love with this look on me! They said I look really proper and professional hehe :D
You're bound to score your job interviews and impress your colleagues with dresses like these that accentuates your figure, giving you the "hour glass" illusion. It not only makes your waist look smaller, it makes your hips look wider and that means a perkier looking butt!
All in one dress!
Look #5
Shorts: BKK
Shoes: Sperry Top Sider
I had lot's of fun shooting this outfit because this was taken by my dad! 
Already blogged about this entry randomly in my previous entry, so I shan't go too deep on this:)
Anyhow! Here's my second lookbook of the month as promised! I made it a lot shorter this time, just in case I bored any of you guys out with too much details. 
Let me know what else you guys wish to see?:) hahaha and if you like me to continue with what I'm doing, let me know as well! 
Have a great week ahead guys!

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