50 facts about me (Part 2)

Monday, September 16, 2013

50 facts about me (Part 2)

Hello! Welcome back to part 2 of the next 25 more random facts about me!
Thank you for all the positive response about the first 25 questions guys, so happy to know that you guys enjoyed reading them and want to know more about me :')

So here goes!:

26. I have a bunny, named Barney. Yep and I was the one that named him! How brilliant ahaha. Barney the Bunny :D We used to have soooo many bunnies because they kept reproducing and we ended up giving them away to friends and we sold the rest to a pet shop nearby :) And yes, Barney is the father to all of them! Hahhaha (horny bunny) 

They are all sooo cute right!

27. My favorite flowers are Blue roses, simply because I like blue-turquoise and I think blue roses are super dreamy and romantic:) received them on both occasions so far, from Matt! Valentines and on the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. Even though they are artificially colored by humans, I still think Blue roses are much nicer than any other colored ones, even tho I really dont mind receiving flowers of any colors la... (Hey, im a girl after al!l)
Recently, I just discovered how beautiful rainbow roses can be, so I've decided to add them into my favorite roses list as well!

28. My favorite song as a kid was "Home" , It's still my favorite national day song till now, but no longer my favorite song anymore la. I remember feeling all patriotic and touched whenever i sang it, sometimes i'd even tear just thinking about how lucky I am to be a singaporean. LOL DONT JUDGE OK. I WAS YOUNG. hahaha PAP has trained us well ;)

29. The place i'd wanna visit during my honeymoon will either be Rome, Venice, Greece or Bora Bora :)

30. I've always had this dream of getting married at the age of 23, and live happily ever after with my childhood sweetheart. Unfortunately, I grew up and realized the harsh truth. And.. I dont have any childhood sweetheart to marry LOL!

31. I still sleep with a ton of stuffed toys by my side everynight! In fact half of my bed is taken up by them (I call them my children & I still do confide in them at times), Hahaha gosh why am I such an embarrassing person.

32. I can go on Youtube and Tumblr for HOURS and HOURS. It's insane how time passes soooo fast, especially when I tumblr. You can follow me here!

33. I passed my driving more than a year ago, but till now i'm still not honk-free on the road. Meaning everytime I drive (if i get to drive even), someone on the road will honk at me for swerving into their lanes, going too fast/too slow, going against traffic, road hogging or whatsoever. YES, im that bad :(

34. My friends and younger sister thinks i'm superrrr weird. Hahaha actually sometimes I agree that i'm weird too. Its like there are some days I'lll act up and go all crazy. I wont be able to sit still, or not make any funny faces to everyone I know. Hahahah and yes you guys must be wondering how my boyfriend lives with someone like this right? hahaha I guess thats how I know that his love for me is real. Even when he has a weird girlfriend chewing on his cheeks, tugging on his shirt or licking any part of him she manages to get hold of. He still lets me HAHA!

35. My favorite Male celebrity has gotta be Ryan Gosling. AHHH. Had a heart time choosing between Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling, but I decided to go with sweet Ryan, ohhh sweeeeet Ryan ~

36. I have a dimple on my right cheek. And surprisingly, nobody else in my family has it. Mom used to tell me that because nobody else had any dimples on their face, I'm not their legitimate child, but I was picked up from the "rubbish dump". She used to threaten to send me back to my "rubbish dump" home whenever I was naughty, and I'd cry cause I didn't want to live in a rubbish dump. HAHA lol...

37. My two front tooth are super big. They are so big that nobody has seen my upper gums, no matter how wide a smile I give. 

38. I wasn't born with double eyelids, but as I grew older, they started to develop. My mom told me it was the same for her, how cool is that! Hahaha

see, single eyelids all the way!
My mom also told me that I often got mistaken as a Japanese when I was younger because I was soo.... Asian and oriental looking. LOL.

39. I was always the cheeky one out of my sisters. According to mom, I was super talkative and playful (and yes, naughty as well). I was first out of my sisters to receive the first hardcore canning session (in fact im the only one who did till now) from my dad after he found out that in order to avoid school, I lied that my Kindergarten teacher hit me. And he actually went to school to complain about that teacher, only to find out that I lied! 
hahahaha I was only 4 then.  And yes, I got it super bad that day after he came home :/ I got whipped so badly that I couldnt sleep on my back for a few weeks. HAHA just check out my cheeky face ;)
My friends say I still make this face sometimes HAHA

My younger sis was sooo cute then hhahahha

Me on the right with the monstrous smile :D
40. Used to swim a lot when I was younger, and I was known as the super tanned girl with a permanent goggles and swimming cap tan-line. (Sigh). That also explains why i looked so dark in some of my photos above!

41. Never put on braces before, but I visited the dentist every 4 months and went for teeth extraction constantly since I was 7 all the way till I was 12. My mom didn't want us to have to put braces in the future so we had to go for x-rays at our dentist and he'd "plan" our teeth for us by extracting them out early to make space for the permanent tooth to grow out nice and straight. If you get what I mean. So I spent my primary school years without most of my teeth HAHA. BOGAYYYYY. 
Oh yes may I add, only 2 of my baby teeth fell out by themselves! The rest were all injection-extracted :( Poor kid.

42. I gain weight and lose weight super easily. For eg, I can gain 2kg for a few days after eating like INSANELY, every night supper + dessert + overeat during all my meals for example. But i can lose the weight just by hitting the gym once, or by eating like a normal person. So yay!

43. My favorite Youtubers are MichellePhan, Clothesencounters, FrmHeadtoToe, Missglamorazzi, MacBarbie07, Carlibybel, ilajil, Thesamtsui and Kurthugoschneider . I'll do a post in detail one day!

44. I've always done very badly in school, and was always a last minute "chionger". However i realized that I cant do the same anymore in University and my "play first study later attitude" has now gotten me into trouble because i'm stuck with such shitty grades :( Oh and I was actually the second in the cohort for the best progress award (prelims - actual O level grade) hahahaha! shall not revel how scary my prelims L1R5 was, but I can say that if I actually got that grade for O levels, I wont even be able to qualify for a Polytechnic. HAHA. But i managed to get my way into TJC so thank god!

45. I didn't start learning how to eat tomatoes till last year, where I slowly forced myself to have a few slices in my subway sandwiches that were drenched heavily in sauce (so that i don't taste the tomatoes haha). Idk why but i used to HATE it so much I would puke just by tasting it. Hahaha I still can't drink tomato juice now, but I do love tomatoes in my salad and sandwiches now!

46. One thing I wanna do when I have the chance is to try Bungee Jumping. I think its a MUST to try something "YOLO" at least when I'm still young! 

47. My favorite make up brand is MAYBELLINE, i'm sure you guys would've known by now! They are cheap, good and trusty. And im sure every girl who uses make up has owned at least one of their products :) However I'm moving off to try other brands right now, so I can't really say much about their newer products. BUT!!!! My favourite would be their mascaras!! I've tried many other brands of mascaras like even the high-end ones (Lancome, Clinique, Sephora etc).. I still find myself purchasing my trusty ol' Maybelline Magnum Mascara (?) I think thats what its called. Hahaha. 
I'm thinking of trying the new Rocket mascara once i'm done with this, hooray!
You can read more about the products I use here.

48. I try my best to work out 2-3 times a week, although I havent really been working out the past two weeks because i've been so swamped with work and shoots that I barely even have the time to sleep! (But i still sleep la) hahaha 
So far, i've been really thankful for the high metabolism rate and how my body has been performing over the years :)

Yes this is how I work out in my room! 

For those of you who are interested in the workouts I do at home/in the gym, you can check out the blog post I did awhile back. Here!
However my routine has since changed quite a bit, and i'm in the midst of writing an entry on my updated routine. So stay tuned! 

49. My favorite online stores are ASOS, Qoo10 (Gmarket), Ebay, Shoprubyrouge (Cause I get free stuff) , TheEditorsmarket, and Luxola! Hahaha 

50. I have a boyfriend named Matthias (@matthiashaha) who is the love of my life and I love chewing on his face, ears, chin and anywhere I can get hold of. LOL But he does the same too so we are both weird like that. You can watch our Boyfriend Tag Here, and read about our love story here.

Sorry this post is actually very random! So you will find me talking about my favorite food, then to my weird habits, to my favorite brands etc.
I put down anything that came to my mind so yep, sorry if its a little messy:(

P.S A big thank you to everyone who enjoyed my previous post about how Matt and I met. Really means so much to me! (and Matt too). Especially for those who came to tell me they are really happy for us, makes me all warm inside.
Im truly a blessed girl and Im the happiest I can be right now :')

For those who requested a blog post on how I did Matt's card, I'll be blogging about it within the next 2 days!


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