50 facts about me (Part 1)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

50 facts about me (Part 1)

Hello guys! This has been going around for quite some time now, so I thought i'd let you sweethearts know a little more about myself!
However I don't want to bore you guys with so many facts about ME at one shot, I have decided to split this post into 2 parts, Part 1 and Part 2.

So here goes my first 25 questions! Enjoy xo

1. My favorite color is turquoise, second is pink : I know, I dont really have many turqouise or pink stuff but well, they are my favourite colors! Just don't really think they will look good worn. Imagine wearinf a turquoise/pink dress everyday.. I cant!

2. I eat way more than I look I do. Im sure this is of no surprise to all of you out there who follow me on my ask.fm and Instagram. You guys will know that i'm always eating and i love to eat! And yes sometimes people just cant believe how often/much I eat and love food because I'm still (thank god) relatively slim compared to the size i'm supposed to be! Judging from the way I eat. 

Yep. Read more at ask.fm/mongabong :D

3. I'm currently 19 going 20 this year, I was born on 17th october 1993 in Thompson hospital! (Thumbs up for all the babies born there, hehe!)

4. Im studying in SMU right now in my second year, first semester. An accounting student, meh.

5. Being an auditor or accountant was never my ambition, neither did I ever expect myself to choose to take accountancy in my life because I was always bad in numbers. But things changed after I got an A in Math when I did my A levels, which came as a surprise to all. I started to think that maybe taking a "Math-sy" path wouldn't be that bad afterall.

6. My ambition as a kid was always to be an air-stewardess. But however because of the harsh reality that people and my parents sounded out to me, i knew it wasn't going to be a long-term job and hence I didn't pursue this ambition of mine.

7. I am ridiculously drawn to any food that is blue in color. Yes blue. Like Blue coral ice blended used to be my favourite even though it tasted nothing like blue coral... but wait. How does Blue corals taste like anyway? hahaha. Yes, you guys get the point. I love any food that is blue!

Blue Coral Bubble Tea
Oh yes and even when I buy my gummies, I only choose blue sharks! Or Blue gummy bears. hahaha

Here, this is my favorite nonya kueh, not because its super tasty but because its BLUE! Surprise surprise. :)

8. My favorite dessert is Kinder Bueno, if you guys still dont know. Hahha I used to eat a bar everyday for a few months and gained like 4 kg before I decided I needed to stop. My friends knew how much I loved it and they thought it'd be funny to buy me 120 packets for my birthday that year. 

9. My favorite book & Movie is "A walk to remember" by Nicholas Sparks. I read that book 8 times and I still cry everytime I read it.
Oh god..

10. I hate reading, read < 5 books out of my own will in my life. Textbooks are not counted.

11. I can recite almost half of the show in "A Cinderella Story" . I think I watched that movie about 20 times LOL! It's one of my favorite shows.

12. I have two sisters, and I'm the middle child. And yes, I can vouch that the Middle Child Syndrome really do exist. Hahaha! It's really quite sad, and I guess family is one of my weakest point. 

13. I was previously from Chongzheng Primary School, Tanjong Katong Girls School, then to Temasek Junior College and now in SMU doing accountancy. I had the best years of my life in TKGS and I loved being in an all girls school environment. I'd definitely send my daughter (if i ever have daughters) to TKGS if they can make it, without a doubt! I woudn't say I enjoyed my 2 years in TJ, even though i met 3 really good friends there, I hated the school because it was so dull and I felt so out of place. As for SMU, It's so stressful that I dont even have the time to breathe, so yeah you guys can pretty much guess my answer.

14. Badminton was one sport I was good at. Picked it up when I was sec 1 in TKGS, and spent the next 6 years of my life training hardcore. Oh yes, and for most of you that don't know, I got into Temsaek JC through Badminton, via the Direct School Admission (DSA) programme. And here's a fun fact, I was captain throughout my badminton journey! Both TKGS and TJC. Hahahaha!

15. I used to club alot when I was a little younger, before I decided to get together with Matt. And surprisingly, I've never danced with any guy before. 

16. My best friend is Sarah Teo and we met when we were in Secondary 1. Like I said, TKGS was the best years of my life hehe
Let the laughter begin. HAHAHA mushroom head! (Pls dont kill me)
Okay, I know im sooo dead once she sees this. Hahahhaa but its okay I still love you bay :*

17. Had 3 exes in my life, and im not (technically) friends with any. I strongly believe that it is almost impossible for past lovers to be friends, because in order for both to fully move on, I think its impossible to have them in your lives. Unless its after a long long time, and when I mean long, like at least 3 years, then perhaps feelings would have been completely gone by then, then I feel that we would be truly happy for each other when they see them with someone else :) 

18. My longest relationship was for 4 years. :O

19. I've had long hair since I was 5. Always told myself that I'd try snipping it off to try another style, but it never worked. Still trying to convince myself to chop them off again. But i'm not surprised if I were to chicken out again ahhaha

20. 90% of my accessories are gold in color, either rose gold, plated gold, real gold or vintage gold etc. I always find myself buying accessories that are around the gold tones because I think they are most versatile!

21. I actually co-owned a blogshop with my sister when I was 14/15? But it died after awhile because we were both too busy to tend to it. I had my trainings, and O levels while she had her fair bit of stuff to do too. But it's okay! She's back with RubyRouge now, my long-term sponsor which I occasionally help out at :)

22. I've never eaten Auntie Annes before. YES, can you believe it? I dont know why, but I just dont. Hahaha my mom always tricked us into thinking it was bitter, to shut us up whenever we bug her about buying one for us to try.

23. My dream as a kid (till now) is to become a mom. A mother to 3 lovely boys :D 

24. I want to name my boys Johannas Kiefer , Jeshua Keith, Joel Keiran. Named them when I was 14 and I still want to name them these! So nice right? ahhaha even though nobody agrees with me, and they always remind me about how my sons will hate me for naming them such names when they grow up. But i honestly think they will thank me ;) hehe

25. I started Blogshop modeling in August last year, and I'm very glad to have been given so many opportunities along the way since I first started! I remember looking so awkward in front of the camera for the first time, and back then I didnt even know much about make up!
Taken during my very first shoot last year

Alright that's it for now guys! Happy mid week you all!
Stay tuned for Part 2 coming up really soon!


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