The mysterious "Dark Widow"

Friday, September 06, 2013

Hello guys!

Here are the other set of photos as promised:
In this set, I was supposed to play the role of a Dark Widow (Joel the photographer named it). 
Mysterious, sad, solemn, fierce, dark and in agony (?)
Hahah. It was my first time working on a piece like that and it was such an interesting experience for me. As most of you guys already know, I have been modelling for a year now, and most, in fact ALL of the shoots ive done are sweet, and smiley ones.
Attempting the straight face was always a challenge for me because i've always thought I looked better & slimmer smiling.

Remember the last time I mentioned that the challenge & beauty in the set of photos that day was creating two totally different looks, just with the use of make up and a change of outfit.
Even the props we used remained the same! Oh yes, also with Joel's photo editing skills to create a different vibe from the photos.

Do these balloons look familiar? Yes! They were the exact ones we shot for the happy, sweet shots I shared last week!
Its amazing isnt it? :)

I'm so happy that i finally got to use my Bright Red lipstick, fully that day.
Other days I'd only dab it onto my lips twice to smudge it out for shoots because the color of this lipstick was soooo intense.
For those of you who might want to know what lipstick i'm using in this set of photos, it's the NYX round lipstick in the color Electra.

Hope you guys enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed sharing with you all!
Joel blogs as well so you can check out what he wrote about our shoot together here.

I printed these photos as well as some other photo-shoot photos some time ago for a scrapbook album. I wonder when I'll have the time to actually get down to doing it. Ah
But fret not! I'll definitely show you guys the final results of it once i get it done. But sadly, it wont be anytime soon :(

It's finally friday and I cant wait for the week to be over. Okay maybe not.. Weekends are filled with shoots and I still gotta squeeze some studying time in between :(
Life has been so stressful but lets all hang in there! 

P.S As usual, this blog post was a result of my procrastination. Back to MPW now :(


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