Sunday, September 08, 2013

Sometimes you just can't please everybody. 

You do this, people say. Do that, people not happy. 
Actually, I realised I don't really have to answer to anyone but myself and my loved ones. Right? Why let random strangers affect my life when they don't know nuts about me. 

My mind has just been blown away by how some people can be so weird and ridiculous with their comments when they don't even know you. Or what you actually do. 
I mean. How's that fair! 
I know haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate but like, grow up? 

I feel like I just wasted my 2 mins feeling angsty with this complete stranger. But oh well, I'm sure in life we are bound to meet such people.
They, who don't know who you are, yet try to teach you how you should live your life. I know, it sounds crazy.

Sorry about the angsty post guys, Im just... Speechless. And I need a place to rant haha. Feeling so much better now! 


P.s Continue to potate! ☺ I'm really happy with my life, yknw. I don't need to change the things I do, ESP when they bring me happiness. 

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  1. Totally ! You're like my favourite favourite model among the many that are out there ! In fact I really hope to work w you one day !!! You're a very good role model ! ;) pretty and humble ! Don't bother about what others thinks , you're perfect just the way you are !! Good luck for your new semester and all your upcoming photoshoots ! Hope you will be featured in more blogs actually cause it makes me feel like getting them when you model for that particular clothing ! Jiayou and stay pretty !!!

  2. Hey dear, thank you so much for your support. Youre so sweeet!!!! Hahaha I'd like to meet such a nice stranger like you too :) You're so encouraging hehe. Aiyo i'm far from perfect la, i just want to be happy and I hope people will be happy for me. Thats all!

    Thank you for the much needed comment :)