Week 3 Updates + An outing with my TKGirls

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Hey guys!

It's been 3 weeks since school started and goshhh.. i've been pretty busy! I hope you guys don't feel neglected:(
So here I am back here for a little while to update you guys on my life and to remind you all that you're not forgotten!
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Week 3 has just started and I was greeted by a presentation and a test. BOO
The rest of my week will be filled up by two other tests, and all that scrambling and panicking :( 
To all of you having exams out there, I FEEL YOU! But let's all hang in there and it will all be gone in a flash, keep praying! 
(easier said than done I know. HAHAHHA, but positivity all the way!!!!)

Going back to last Sunday, I finally met up with the usual TKG girls again! It's getting harder to meet each other each time because everyone has different schedules now:( 
Some of us are even in different stages of life. Sigh. I cant imagine how things would be as the years go by. Such is life I guess.. huh?

We chose to eat at the trusty Ippudo ramen at Mandarin Gallery. One of my favorite ramen places because I think they serve the best ramen i've ever tasted in Singapore! 
Without a doubt.
I've tried the usual Nansuttei, Ramen Champion and other ramen places etc, i still thought Ippudo was a cut above the rest. Their waiting time was a big turn off though. We queued for an hour that day D:

Sarah ma best fwendz

Bevvvvvvvyyyyyyyyyyy bb <3

We headed for Paris Baguette after for dessert as I still wasn't full (one bowl really cant fill me up completely) and we had the usual Original pudding in a jar, Strawberry Shortcake and another cake that has the word "crepe" in its name. I can't remember
But if you ever visit Paris Baguette, these few are the ones i'd recommend!
Never really tried anything else from there so I dont dare to recommend any. But if you guys have any other nice stuff from there, pls tell me!
I'd definitely be glad to try them, and thank you for life if I actually find something I really like!

Same goes for ramen places okay! I'm always on the lookout hehe
So there concludes my Happy sunday. A much needed break before the crazy week 3 starts. Cant describe how much I miss my friends, and how much I miss being young and 16 again.
I'd do anything to go back to 16, really. If only i could. 
TKG were the best years of my life and meeting this bunch of silly friends was such a blessing I cannot thank God enough for <3

Someone tells me to announce that RubyRouge is having a surprise for you guys tomorrow!
I can only hint to you what it is about hehehe
Check back their website or Instagram at 12 Noon!

Had a photoshoot today and decided to camwhore a little because I havent taken a selfie in too long, initially thought I was gonna only take one but I ended up taking 9 LOL

Love you all,

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