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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wheeeee the wait is now over! Remember the photo shoot I did with the talented Joel about a month or so back? 
You can view some of my solo shots here & here (which I blogged about previously)
I attempted the sweet, innocent and girl-next-door look with vibrant colors, a white dress and lots of flowers, and the dark mysterious look as a twist to it, where I had my bold red lipstick on with an extravagant smokey eye make up.

Before the shoot, I requested for Joel to do some shoot for both matt and I as we've always envied couples who had beautiful photos taken for them.
Matt was always the one helping out at my photo shoots, being the behind-the-scenes boy, I thought it'd only be fair if I asked him to be the male lead for a shoot for once!
Well, it certainly isn't easy for someone who has totally no experience in doing such shoots before to brave the sweltering sun in a long sleeve shirt. But i'm glad he tried, and did it all for me :')

Now we finally have such beautiful photos shot of us and in such high quality! 
All thanks to you Joel, if you're reading this :)

So without further ado, let me present to you the set of photos you guys have been asking me for!
So excited to receive them:) ahhaha 
Looks like our fairytale wedding that I cant wait for!

Updated with more photos from the set!

I hope you guys enjoyed this set of photos as much as I did!
Oh yes, my dress is from Rubyrouge for those of you who asked! It's also available in Black 
Sadly its the end of the week, lets all hang in there!

I'll talk t you all soon, I promise. Meanwhile, slog hard!


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