Making Matthias's Birthday Card

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Making Matthias's Birthday Card 

Hey guys! This is the highly requested post everyone has been asking me about.
I managed to squeeze some time out to write these for you guys despite having a paper tmr!
(I have 4 papers this week zzzz)

So this was the birthday card I took a month to complete for my boyfriend, and im sure you guys have seen the 15s version of this video on instagram!
Honestly it was a little hard to do, but I was determined the end product will look so beautiful and unique. So I didnt mind putting in the extra effort.

Main reason why I took so long. Every alphabet was stamped one by one!

Lyrics from one of my fav songs :')

A little "window" opening

Added little punched out angels 

Here's the video I learnt it from, although I decided to not add in the middle part because I didn't want it to be too complicated!
All the dimensions of the papers used can be found in the description box of the video.


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