19 September 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hello guys!

It's been a while since I last pen down my random thoughts and updates in this space. I'd blame it on school really, I don't even have much free time on hand. Even if i did, i'd fit shoots into any possible slots.
Thankfully, this week is coming to an end, and its my last test tomorrow. Thank God.
Studying has been making me pull out my hair LOL. And i'm so sick of studying already, especially when your parents are away on a holiday, you've got the car, the freedom to do anything you want.
BUT NO FRIGGING TIME. because I have 4 tests this week -.- 
Can you guys just imagine the URGHHHHHH I felt when I heard that my parents were leaving this week?! :(

Well. The week is finally coming to an end and this spells both good and bad news.
Good news: I survived my Hell week
Bad News: Parents are coming back (_!_) thats an asshole by the way haha.

Some good food over the week:
(whats a mongabong's entry without food)
Mee Goreng Pattaya from Spize
It was raining that day so my sisters, matt and I ordered pizza delivery home. LOL
They forgot my Mayo over the Cheeseburger Pizza. Lifesux
So much for eating clean and moderately. pfft.

That having said, I drove to school twice on my own! And I successfully reached school and home without a scratch :D
Still not honk-free but ah well. It's a step right? hahaha someone please commend me for the guts at least! ><

Both Matt and I have been pretty busy with our own stuff and even though we see each other very often, we don't get to talk much. And we haven't been talking much :( Makes me feel like we haven't really spent quality time together since his birthday last Saturday. 
Is it even possible to miss someone when he's sitting next to you all the time? I know i sound so hopeless but it's the truth! I know people say that it's bad to see someone every single day, or even see each other so much. 
But truth to be told, I've been seeing this guy every single day (except the days I went overseas) for the past 10 months. And I still miss him all the time. HAHA ( i dont even know why im sharing this with you guys.. so embarrassing) Even if i'm busy the ENTIRE day, we'd still plan to meet each other after all our schedules just to see each other for the day. Even if it meant meeting super late into the night, and even when we are both dead tired to our bones, we'd still want to meet. My heart will feel a little weird if I actually don't see him for more than 24 hours. Am I weird? 

Anyhow, I just wanna share some happy updates with you guys.
I just received an email today for some private blogger event! YAY im so happy because this is my first ever event that I'll be attending and my boyfriend is coming with me to snap some photos!
And... I'm going to be featured in an online fashion magazine too! So stay tuned and keep a lookout on my instagram/blog for more updates! Cant wait to see and show you guys the final result *excited*

I know its actually not a big deal to alot of you but it is to me! :D 
I never expected anything out of this when I first started blogging many many years back (when I was still using LJ). Penning down my deeepest thoughts and random rambles about my life. It's so amazing to even think about all of you guys who'd be interested to read about my silly life and updates. 
So here's a big thank you to all of you! Just wanted to let you all know that I really appreciate everything and im just superrrr happy because it's something I really enjoy doing, and I'm given this opportunity to improve myself in this field a lot more :)

So sorry this post is super random again, and messy too. Just wanted to take some time off studying to talk to you guys, because i miss ya'll :')
OH YES. And for those of you who don't know, I've recently started to tweet again! Follow me if you haven't :) @mongabong 

YAY! Now back to Tax, siannnnn


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