Monday, August 19, 2013

Decided to play with textures that day, and I figured that i've never done many outfits in an all same color tone before. So i decided to give it a go. What do you guys think?

Top: Sponsored by Young Ones (A long time ago)
Shorts: Sponsored
Necklace: BKK
Rings and Bracelet: Forever 21/ Scape Flea Market
Watch: River Island
Flats: BKK

This pair of cream crochet shorts have been hidden in my closet for way too long as i was trying to look for a top to pair with it.
Initially, I wanted to go with a black/dark colored slouchy tee for a little bit of contrast to bring out the beautiful details on my shorts, but I couldn't find anything like it in my closet, ah.

It's time for me to do some basics shopping!
I hope i'll still have the time to blog and put some effort into the way I dress now that school's back for me :/

Anyhow, Matt & I filmed our "Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag" yesterday and I'm still in the midst of editing it.
Stay tuned if you want to see how he did! 


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