Updates, first week of sch over! + Ruby Rouge & undertrim

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hello guys! Firstly, I think we should take a moment to embrace this moment..
Gahh, cant explain how relieved I am right now. And this also means that I survived the first week of school!
Sadly school hasnt been great but ah well, we will live with it and i'l try my best to pull my Shitty GPA up. 
Dont know how im gonna go about doing that, but with a little more hard work, focus and prayer i think i'll do fine? I hope.

Today, I will be introducing 2 online shopping heavens to you guys! 
Read more to find out which are they!

The first shop is Ruby Rouge, which i'm sure all of my readers out there will find very familiar. Yes! Ruby Rouge has just launched their new collection recently and I absolutely love their apparels! hahaha I gotta admit, I did play some part in choosing some of the stocks too.
Hehe ;) Perks! For those that are unaware, ruby rouge is owned by my elder Sister, and I help her with it sometimes! 

The reason why this collection is so special, is because Lady Boss is modeling as well!
It's her first time modeling so please show some support woohoo!

Click here to enter new collection
Here are a few pieces from their newest collection which I absolutely adored!

I kept this pair of skinny jeans for myself, just look at the fit guys!
Im really not that skinny but dont you think this pair just makes my legs look so nice and long? haha
Available in 2 sizes, Im wearing the size Small :)

For the good news, Ruby Rouge has decided to absorb all postage costs to ensure their shoppers have a more enjoyable shopping experience with them.


Instagram: @Shoprubyrouge

Next up, a new online store, Undertrim that has just recently launched their first collection this month.
Undertrim was developed out of their love and passion for fashion and they strive to bring in clothes that cannot be readily found in other online stores.

Not a fan of shopping online because of the same few clothes and pieces you see in the market?
Undertrims will solve this for you!
Being a blogshop model, I am usually packed with shoots almost everyday. Sometimes I can model the same piece 3 times!:O (in the same day mind you)
And because of that, I can safely say that I'm familiar with the updated clothes blogshops bring in every time. 
That is why I can vouch for them when they say that they will only bring in pieces that aren't commonly seen in other blogshops! 

Check their site out and you will know what I mean :)

They have kindly sponsored me 3 apparels, read on to find out more!

#1 Neck Cut Out Maxi in Pastel Pink 

Just look at how pretty this piece is!
Flowy, feminine and sweet

#2 Off shoulder top in Nude

#3 Golden Speck Crop Tank (Launching in their 2nd collection)

Quality is definitely a plus point I can say out of all these three pieces. I loved them all!

Shop now and show them your support now! 
Instagram: @Undertrim 

Have a happy weekends folks!
Enjoy while it lasts


Ps. I've recently revised my advertorial rates, email me at mongchin-@hotmail.com to find out more!

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