Happiness. Sunshine. Nature

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello guys!
Here are the set of photos from the last time I worked with Joel, the photographer.
Joel's a close friend to a very good friend of mine, so thankfully we already knew each other prior to the shoot.
To be honest, I was always a fan of his work and i found myself liking most of the photos in his photography album each I saw them shared on my timeline.
HAHA and I even showed some of my friends his work before, LOL! 

For this set of photos, I was playing the role of a sweet, young and innocent girl, exhibiting the "happy" vibe.
Happiness. Sunshine and Nature practically sums up this beautiful set, I gotta say i'm really impressed!

Joel had this idea of putting two sets of photos together, that are done almost in the same way (ie using the same props), but with each set exhibiting a large contrast in the "feel" of the photos.

What an amazing experience with Joel!
Not bad at all for someone who was doing Photography as a hobby.
Dont you guys just love these photos? Look! Even the clouds were so pretty and co-operative that day :D

Hold up for my next blog post where I will share with you guys the other set of photos where I took on the role of a "dark widow" (what joel named it HAHA) 
 Here's a sneak peak ;)

Stay tuned!

PS. Hope everyone's surviving well in school, hang in there! It's finally mid week *inserts bicep flexing emoticon* 
I'm also still waiting for Joel to pass me the remaining couple photos with Matt. Till then!


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