{Updates} First August Weekend

Monday, August 05, 2013

Hello guys!
How have you guys been? It's been awhile since I last updated this space on my life huh.
Okay not that long ago but well, it's always good to have something to look back on!
Who loves reading their old blog posts like i do?
hehe I always read back on the past to revisit the good times. Even cringing at the bad times brings back some familiarity.
Whenever I do so, it'd hit me that time is actually passing so so quickly, its almost scary, and I hate growing up. It scares the shit out of me.

Well, just a quick update on whats happening in mongabong's life lately, (warning, mainly about food!)
Last friday was Matty's last day of internship, FINALLY! We headed over to Pique Nique for our "celebratory dinner" as i've always seen really nice pictures of their food on Instagram!
Knowing how the M&Ms are such suckers for great food, ambience and most importantly.. DESSERTS, we definitely could not give this a miss.
Read the reviews on the place and most sites gave bad reviews on them. Like 90% of them were bad.. Sigh. But well we decided to go ahead anyway because some reviews actually said that they served really good waffles, and waffles were Matt's favourite.

True enough, their mains were such a downer ;( BOOO. it was like.. salty, and really really ordinary. It tasted way far off from how it looked. D:

But their Hot iron waffles really did save the experience! It was surprisingly cheap, only $11.90 for A huge waffle with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and whipped cream served alongside.
Honestly, we've tried so many waffles that we can name the best, and in our opinion, Gelare. But it's like what, $18?!?!


But this guy over here, was only $11.90 and I thought it did a pretty good job!
Gelare is still ranked #1 in our hearts but I thought the one from Pique Nique wasnt too far off either :)

Pique Nique is located at:
391A Orchard Rd, Ngee Ann City (Takashimaya)

Well that concluded our friday, with some midnight movie after. The Wolverine!

Saturday was a whole morning of gym before heading to church and meeting the bestfriend couple for dinner and some pool!
Guess what we had for dessert again.. WAFFLES! Woohoo.
I secretly think waffles will be the downfall to the both of us man. Okay maybe it's not that much of a secret afterall :(

We headed to Createaf Waffles at Cathay, and boy, look at that goodness.
This place is definitely one of our highly recommended places for waffles, if you're on a waffle streak like us. Hehe
Cheap and good, really. Not shabby at all! I left that place feeling so happy and satisfied :D

This bad boy here only costed us $5.90 like WHUT?!

Createaf Waffles is located at:
2 Handy Road
The Cathay, #01-02

So today, after surviving a gruelsome 4 hour shoot, and after changing what seemed like 1million outfits.. We headed to our all-time favorite Jap place, Sakuraya Fish Mart for dinner with my family!
Perks of dining with your parents would definitely be without having to pay for your own meal. For once. hehee
Sashimi is definitely a must for all of us! *drools*
My favourites : Salmon, Salmon Belly and Swordfish.
what about you guys?

We love Sakuraya because they have many outlets all over singapore and they always served the freshest sushi/sashimi! Their slices were all thick and juicy and so generous. 
It wasnt that expensive too, considering the quality of it. 
We spent $150++ for 5 people tonight, hehe!

So that's it for all the food I consumed the past 3 days guys!
I'm sorry if i made you salivate with the pictures in this post, I know how you feel. *rubs tummy*
I wish I could eat all day without getting fat or going broke :(

Oh yes! Another random update, if you guys followed me on instagram, you guys should already have known by now that Matt and I did a tiny couple shoot a while back!
So far we only managed to get one photo of the two of us from the photographer and it's so beautiful.
Cant wait to get the rest and share it with you guys! xxx

I recently finally finally learnt how to use Overlays on my photos.
It's really so easy and it makes your photos look more dreamy, doesnt it?! 
Hehe. Thank God for technology.

So that's it guys! I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend.
I cant wait for tomorrow to come because i'm heading for a Staycation tomorrow!
Wheeee! So excited!
I'll be back with lots of photos, so stay tuned!


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