Slouchy Tuesday

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Slouchy x Daisy x Casual 

Decided to do a lazier look that day since I was only out to run some boyfriend errands. So yes! Comfort was key to the whole look that day.
Finally had the chance to wear out my Daisy chiffon top that mom got me at a steal from the market place (Yes, you know those stalls they have alongside the morning wet markets our grandmothers go to?)
You'll be surprised, how sometimes we can find gems hiding in there for a fraction (HUGE ONE) of the price. It's all about what you style/match it with.
Rolled up my sleeves and tried my best not to melt under the Singapore weather, it's craycray I know. 
And what's an outfit without some gold jewellery? These rings from Forever 21 have been overworn but i just love them way too much.

Top - Morning wet market
Bottom - BKK
Shoes - BKK
Shades - BKK
Rings - Forever 21
Watch - River Island

Now after some calculations, my entire outfit (Top, bottom, shoes, shades) costed me only around SGD 25! 
I love putting together cheap finds to create an incredible outfit look, more satisfaction that way.

What do you guys think?

Happy mid week to all! 


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