First Staycation + VLOG!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Hello guys!
As promised, today's entry will be sharing about my first staycation with Matt @ Studio M Hotel as well as everything we did as a couple the entire day! 

This is gonna be a super long post filled with lots of pictures and videos depicting the whole day, so expand this post to read more!

We decided to go for a staycation because we didn't manage to go on a holiday on our own this time, and also to celebrate his end of internship! Hoorayyy. 
So why Studio M Hotel? Well simply because I've seen so many photos of it online and read so many reviews on it. Im sure everyone have seen photos of their very unique lofts right?  Where each lofts are "2 stories" Hahaha. 
The reason why I said "2 Stories" in inverted commas is because they are technically not two stories, but just a design with a staircase at the side leading to a desk on the upper deck. 
Just a small and cosy space, which we didn't use much. But it definitely was the selling point for us! And Im sure to many others too :)

So we started the morning by having some Singaporean breakfast that we've both been craving so much for the whole time.
Anyone else loves this? I love mine with fried noodles, chicken wings, cabbage and hash brown with lots of chilli! Love Nasi lemak Chilli because its so sweet and it goes so well with my noodles. YUM

We then travelled to Clarke Quay after that to make our way to our stay for the night. The location of Studio M was pretty far off, like it was neither here nor there. 
The nearest MRT station was Clarke Quay Stn but if we stopped there, we'd have to walk a good 10 mins to the hotel. Another way could be to take a train to city hall and take a bus from there, which was pretty inconvenient too. :(

Reached its lobby and it was surprisingly so small yet pretty!

Got our keys and here we go!

There, the perfect room for a little get away from all the work and stress, and what better way than to spend it with your boyfriend?:)

Our initial plan was to pack our bags for Sentosa to swim and get a tan over there but Mr Sky wasn't being too nice that day. It was raining till late afternoon! >:( 
And it was only raining on THAT day, out of the 7 days in a week.. PFFT.
BUT STILL, we told ourselves that we couldnt let the weather get us down! So we went ahead with our wet weather plan.. To the SEA Aquairum :D Yay to fishies!

Before setting off

I liked it that our hotel was so close to Harbourfront, so it made going to and fro from Sentosa / SEA Aquarium so much easier. 

Amidst all the tanks and tanks of sea creatures that day, I loved this tank the most!
It showed the egg and unborn fetus of a kind of fish in its Larvae looking thing, how interesting!
The baby was actually moving and you could see its heart beating! 

Next, the colorful fellyfishes that changes color according to the lights shining on them, simply beautiful. 

We visited the MEGA huge tank with lots of rays, and it was simply breathtaking. I'd say this was the highlight of the entire SEA Adventure because we literally sat on the floor for 30 mins, just staring at all the sea creatures. 
Watching those manta rays glide through the waters so gracefully.. wow

It really reminds you of the Manta Ray "school bus" in Finding Nemo doesn't it? 
Its really amazing how these little fishes really swim on the backs of these rays, as if they were really riding on the "school bus" in the movie!

These Manta rays also loves bubbles! How cute is that?! Watch my Vlog below to see how they actually looked like because I actually managed to whip out my camera to video it down :D

Matt called this the Dickhead Fish LOL

So that concludes the end of our SEA Aquarium adventure! We spent around 2.5 hours in there and I highly recommend it to people who havent visited it yet! [ even though i highly doubt there's anyone who hasnt been there yet ]

Headed back to our room for a quick dip in the hotel pool before getting ready for our dinner date, hehe I love dresssing up for occasions! 

We headed to House @ dempsey that night, my second time visiting that place, and god I love that place! 

My handsum date

We ordered Truffle fries (as usual, you wont see our table without truffle fries as long as they have it on their menu) . It was really good! I'd say better than Hungry Chimps, and as good as The Coastal Settlement,, yum. Best part, it was only $11, which is considered reasonable for a serving of truffle fries!

Mozerella Skinny Pizza, which was Terrific! 
Good quality cheese, loads of minced beef, what else can you ask for

Fish platter.
This was not too bad but for the price of it, its simply ridiculous. 
We paid $32 for this plate of finger food consisting of 3 pieces of fish fingers, potato wedges, a little bit of squid, and like 4 shrimps.
Yes, $32. WTHHHH

Nevertheless we had sooooo much food that night, as usual. Hahaha the M&Ms are all about stuffing ourselves with good food. There was dessert too which I didn't manage to snap some pictures of. 
But I was already dying by then, my tummy was really about to explode because of all the food we ate!

Headed back to our room again at night for some romantic time together. We brought a bottle of Champagne and another bottle of Vodka with us for the night.
We laughed, talked and played silly games through the night till we were both soooo tired and high from finishing so much liquor just by ourselves, and we called it a night.

I finally got to experience the happiness from waking up next to the person you love that day, it was indescribable and peaceful. We don't sleepover at each other's places so it was just a whole new experience for the both of us. I know I sound like im making a big hoo-ha out of something that is probably lame to alot of you, but it really was a kind of bliss in my heart that I never want to forget.

But sadly, we only had the room for one night and we had to pack our bags to return back to reality. Before that, Matt ordered some Room Service for our breakfast. I've never had room service before in my life before (Yeah... Ikr) and I really really like it!
Perfect for lazy people like us who just want to lie in the comfy bed for awhile longer. HAHA

We checked out shortly after breakfast and that concluded the end of our first Staycation together :) 
I hope this post didn't bore you out guys! I spent so long typing and editing all these photos and videos hehe. It took me so long that Matt is already snoring next to me LOL. 

Watch our Vlog here!

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