Citi Clear Card: The first credit card that requires no minimum income for tertiary students!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Hey guys! 
Yes you read that right, The Citi Clear Card by Citibank is the FIRST Credit Card available in Singapore that doesn't require any minimum income for ALL tertiary students!

So what exactly do they mean by that?
 As we all know, most tertiary students and young adults like me have little, or no income at all (Allowance from parents are not counted haha) More often than not, finding a credit card suitable for us is really difficult as we have to worry about all the requirements needed by the Credit Card companies. 

And to that, I'd rate the "minimum income" requirement #1 to my headache list. LOL
Therefore, I think the "minimum income" pre-requisite is the #1 thing that deters me from getting a credit card of my own!

Most of the other credit cards by other companies require a minimum annual income of $18,000 or more ($18,000 was the lowest I researched), and even other Citibank Credit Cards has the standard $30,000 annual minimum income requirement.
This means that full-time students and young adults like us who earn less than $18,000 a year are not eligible for any credit cards in Singapore. Sigh 

But fret not!
Citibank has heard our cries and launched the new Citi Clear Card to cater to all of us! Now we can all enjoy the convenience of having a credit card in our hands, as well as the many perks it brings :) HOORAY

Besides doing away with the minimum income requirement, The Citi Clear Card also provides many other attractive perks such as: 

  1. $20 Cash Back
  2. First Year Fee Waiver
  3. Free entry to Zouk 
  4. 1-for-1 dinner at Fish & Co. on weekdays 
  5. 10% off total bill at Fish & Co.
  6. Earn up to 10% cash rebates at more than 550 locations 
  7. Sign up now and quote "MONG" to receive a pair of Cathay movie tickets sponsored by Sponsor Me. for free! 

The above mentioned are only the few I picked from the pages and pages long of promotions and perks this card offers. Visit :
to find out more!

So being the pig I am (& Matt is), we were thrilled when we found out about their gourmet perks and promotions!
We headed down to Fish&co. the next day.


A Citibank brochure was easily available at the entrance of the restaurant. 

And what's better to eat at fish & co than their famous Fish and Chips! I love how they serve their Fish and Chips in so many ways. All with different tastes to suit different taste buds! 

It was so difficult for me to make a decision because everything was so tempting. Grr

My happy and relieved face after finally deciding on what to eat.
Does anyone face this problem too? Stressing out about what to order, esp when everything on the menu looks so good!

Their seafood platter is another of my favorite from Fish & Co.! 
But we decided to go ahead with two different kinds of Fish and Chips instead. I wish I had the tummy capacity to eat this as well, but ohwell. Better stop overeating haha

Definitely hooked yo. LOL
And our food is served!
Matt and I ordered the Danish and Italian Fish and Chips to share between us because we couldnt make up our minds which one we really wanted. 
So yay to this too because I was able to try the two different flavors of fish & chips!

Gone. Too. Soon

We then went ahead to buy more than usual because dining with the Citi Clear Card has made it so worth it now!
Ordered their gigantic Jungle Freeze, that's basically a huge-ass ice blended drink with yummy fruits in it. SO YUMZ
Just look at how big this bad boy is, haha

Matt putting his finger there, to show the size of the mug

That annoying boy purposely put the straw right in between my nose to take the picture! 
Hahaha and there I was smiling so happily, not knowing anything till I looked through the pictures. ZZZ

A super satisfied dinner that was so enjoyable not only because of the awesome food, but also the 10% discount we got that night from using the new Citi Clear Card :)

With all these promotions, convenience of cashless shopping, as well as NIL minimum income requirements, you really have nothing to lose (in fact, alot to gain!) when you sign up for your Citi Clear Card!

To apply, simply email to indicating your interest.
This can be done so :
  •  Using your school email account
  • Using your personal email account, indicating which institution you are from

So what are you waiting for? 
Get your Citi Clear Card Now!

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