Weekend + The prettiest rainbow rose i've seen

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hello guys!
I'm back here again with another update post! Are you guys getting sick of my entries talking about clothes clothes and clothes already?
hahah so sorry for the hiatus because i've been so busy the whole week with so many shoots and advertorials :/

Matt and I finally found some time to have a proper lunch togther last Saturday!
Because my weekends are always packed with shoots, we hardly have enough time for each other.
He works on weekdays, while I shoot on some weekdays too, and on weekends when he doesn't work, he'll accompany me and sit by the side while I go from shoots -to shoots :(

But having said that, I had one shoot that day too la. 
But just ONE! Woohooo (kinda rare for a weekend, usually I have 2-3 back to back!:( ) 

Hahah as usual, US BEING US, we decided to spend that few precious hours pigging out (Y)
What a better way to spend a beautiful saturday aint it, i'm so glad I found someone that appreciates food as much as I do :)
We picked out a cafe from our long list of restaurants/cafes we'd like to try, and decided to go for lunch at Hungry Chimps!

I first stumbled upon this cafe when I saw a friend Geotag a photo of her food on Instagram and the decor of the place looked so chill and relaxing over the photos
So i went to read up on their reviews and decided to give it a shot:) 
One tip guys, ALWAYS ALWAYS check out reviews first before heading to any restaurant/cafe, you definitely want to try what others have recommended! (Y)

This is no a paid advertorial by the way, just sharing with you guys cause I'm such a foodie and I think i'll be wasting it if i didnt share. 
No, juzzz kiddingzzz.
Hahahah just wanted to share some love withyou guys okieezzz?:)

When we reached, at around 12.30PM on a Saturday afternoon, the cafe was surprisingly E.M.P.T.Y
Perhaps because it rained (& was still drizzling when we got there).. or maybe because this cafe isn't that well-known yet (?) Idk..
But this cafe is definitely worth trying! They serve pretty good food and the ambience is really calming too. 

Let the photos take you through the rest of this entry!

Anxious hungry boy

Hungry girl

King Kong Breakfast ($18)

Truffled Shepherd ($16)

The truffle fries served alongside the King Kong Breakfast was Heavenly. 
Can be comparable to my all-time favorite Truffle fries by The Coastal Settlement I must say! I wished they served more truffle fries in that plate but oh well, that's only a side ;)

Truffled Shepherd was pretty unique, as it was my first time tasting shepherd's pie that has been cooked with Truffle Oil!
The taste of the truffle was definitely yummers, especially for someone who'd go gaga over truffle-d foods *beams* 

The best part, all prices stated are actually NETT prices! I'd say that actually was a huge plus point for me because Im so auntie like that. LOL
Nah just kidding, but don't you guys hate the feeling when the bill actually comes after the end of the meal and you have to pay quite a bit more than the price you thought you actually had to pay??!
Please tell me im not the only one in this world that'd feel cheated whenever I look at all the extra charges reflected on the receipts. 

Hungry Chimps is located at:
64A Prinsep Street

After lunch, Matt and I went to walk about Cathay to get my GongCha Fix ;)
Oh and that having said, here's funfact#1 about mongabong:
My favourite drink is actually Gongcha Milk Alisan Tea from Gongcha!
hahahahaha and I seriously meant Favourite drink of all time. 
I'd drink it everyday and not get sick of it i think, I used to drink it every single day for about 2 months but I gained quite a bit of flabs so I had to cut down to about once/twice a week:(
But then again, it's really unhealthy so.. hahha #what'snew

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that I received the MOST BEAUTIFUL ROSE EVER that day.
I'm not even kidding when I say it's the most beautiful rose I've ever seen in my life,
Just look at that. How gorgeous?!?!!
I can't even.. 

No filter needed

It's a rainbow rose, that my ever-loving-romantic-cute-nice-charming boyfriend surprised me with!
And honestly, perhaps I'm being a little biased, It was the nicest rainbow rose i've ever seen too.
We actually went to google photos of "rainbow roses" and nothing can actually match up to the one I was holding.

He said he was walking around while I was in the toilet and he saw this and thought I'd really be happy to have it, so he got it for me!
Aww random surprises like these. hahahaha.
I'm truly blessed, Thank you xoxo

So that's all about my weekend darlings!
Also thank you to all of you guys who supported my Selling Post! Things are more or less all sold now, except for one pencil skirt and another Aztec dress.
Someone buy them please!

I've been digging up my wardrobe recently and I found more new things you guys might like,
so there's gonna be another selling post coming up (soon I hope) !

Alright that's it guys!
It's mid week tomorrow, hang in there lovelies xo

Oh and I've been helping out with Rubyrouge stuff recently as my sis has been away for the longest time, so yes!
Please support okay?:) 
I'll be helping her with the ENTIRE launch this time, and I know nuts about how to work anything, sigh.
But at least I got the facebook previews up already! So please check it out!
Lots of new arrivals coming your way this FRIDAY, 8PM

I'll see you there,

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