Secondth; CafeBiz

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hello guys!
Just a quick update: We celebrated our 2nd month yesterday (15th) and guess what we did on that special day (no prizes for getting it right)
None other than the both of our favorite.. EAT!
And yes, not a normal meal but at an international buffet restaurant! *hooray!*

After searching for the best international buffet restaurant and factoring everything like Distance and prices, we have decided to give CafeBiz @ Traders hotel a try.
We even looked through pictures on Hungrygowhere prior to that and the spread looked pretty decent so that was a HUGE incentive too. I remember looking through the photos and salivating at them, not kidding. 
;P PLUS, those photographs are taken by normal customers like us who have decided to post their reviews on the site, so more likely than not, their reviews are the more accurate ones. 

I know people would usually go for the bread and cheese first as starters, but I couldnt resist the cold food section when I combed the entire place first. Hehe. Decided to give my tummy more space to fill the rest of the food up and skipped having bread. 

Their dinner spread was awesome, especially the cold seafood section.
There were no oysters though, for you oyster lovers out there.
Matt and I don't eat oysters so it didn't affect us much. hehe
Instead, they had clams, crabs, scallops, and prawns!
The prawns that day were.. Fantastic. Big, sweet and juicy. Chilled just right too.
Scallops were massive as well, and it was so worth it (for the price we paid)

I then moved on to trying different cuisines. The picture below was actually a mix of chinese and western cuisines. 
The Kueh Pie Ti was pretty good, while the rest were.. Okayyy.
Onion rings were pretty gross though, soggy and chewy? aahahha ew tell me im not the only one that likes my rings crispy and soft inside.


Japanese section

Look! There was even a big fresh salmon at the side
The local food section includes chicken rice, charsiew rice, congee, laksa, chicken noodles, oyster omelette as well as carrot cake. 

only got to try the Chicken Rice and Laksa, both so nomz~
Matt who tried the Chicken congee said it was not bad, but oyster omelette was a let down :/

Chicken rice

Chicken Congee



I had sooo much food that night and I could barely walk. 
Woke up today and gained a kilo >< HAHA 
But it was a good meal, with awesome company. Always love food outings with my co-foodie boyfriend :D
Always a good thing when you have hobbies like this in common. Although I wouldn't really count eating as a hobby.. but we both are so similar in that aspect.
We eat alot, and alot of junk. But people wont be able to tell that we can actually eat THAT much based on our sizes :'D

Pardon the weary eyed photo of me above, was suffering from a flu towards the end and that photo was taken after sneezing like 121435 times. 
Nevertheless, we had an awesome date night that day and I can't wait for our next food date again!

CafeBiz is located at:
1A Cuscaden Road,
Singapore 249716
Traders Hotel

Happy second official month sweetie, thank you for being the best I can ever ask for. I love you!
Here's ending off this entry with a video I took of us, when matt was unaware of it for the first half.
He was nibbling ('eating") on my cheeks (as usual), which he refused to admit once he realized I was filming it LOL. 
Sorry for the bad quality guys, it was taken with the front camera on my iPhone and the lighting of the cafe was really dark, which appeared really red in the video, dont ask me why.

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