New URL / OOTD / What's coming up the next few days

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hello guys!
Just a quick update, I have finally FINALLY got down to changing my URL to
So yes! is officially not in use now, but instead i've shifted to yeah!

Here's what's coming up the next few days - week (I'm already working on it):
1) A selling post ! (Highly-requested) Wheeeeeeeee
2) The Boyfriend Tag
3) An advert on an awesome site!

I have no idea which will come first but please keep a lookout on this space k ?:)
I've been trying to improve my blog to make my blog posts more interesting!
Keep the ideas coming in on my and i promise i'll TRY to fulfill each and everyone's requests :)

Today's outfit
Top: BKK
Shorts: Ruby Rouge
Sandals: BKK
Watch: River Island


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