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Saturday, July 13, 2013


hello guys! i'm back again with another online store i'd like to introduce to you guys!
Remember the Asymetrical dress I posted on Instagram just yesterday? Guess where I got that gorgeous piece from!

None other than what I'm gonna be sharing with you guys about, ThePetiteRose!
They've kindly allowed me to choose any 2 items from their site and guess what I picked! 
The first should be a no-surprise to everyone. Hahaha it's a yellow bustier dress :)) Everyone knows how i love yellow, because I feel that it's the perfect color for my skin tone!

#1: Wonder Garden Bustier Dress in Yellow

This dress is an extremely sweet piece, with the bustier cut and the garden floral details.
I guess it really lives up to its name well!
Wonder Garden (It really feels like wearing an entire garden of beautiful flowers on myself that day)
This dress can be worn as a strapped dress, or also, a tube bustier dress. Simply tuck in the two straps in and wear it like how you normally would wear a tube dress.
It's quality is also a mega plus point as it is made of really good material (not sure what material tho) but it's pretty sturdy, im sure everyone who has this dress will know what I mean :)

Pair it with a pair of floral shades, straw bag or sun hat and you're good to go! 

The next item I picked was also a dress, its non other than the Asymmetrical dress I wore yesterday!

#2: Basic Slanted Dress in Black

Now tell me, doesn't this simple dress instantly make you look a thousand times more classy?
No need for branded bags or jewelry, this dress alone can achieve it for you!
The interesting and unique neckline is definitely the highlight of this outfit, so much that you don't even need a necklace to pair with it!
(Or just a simple one like the tiffany i'm wearing above)

Throw on some heels and blazer for work, or keep the blazer away and you're all set for a girls night out ;)

And the cutest part, I received this along with my parcel!!!!
A tiny hand-made rose along with the tag "thank you", awww so sweeet. 
Definitely the most interesting way of thanking their customers for shopping with them I must say, thumbs up for effort girls!

 ThePetiteRose has also kindly given my readers, YOU, a small exclusive offer!
Simply quote 'mong' for free normal postage,
So what are you waiting for, hurry shop away!

Instagram: @thepetiterose

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